Lion Points

Loyalty Program

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Join Lion Points and start off with 200 points on us!


Earn points for every $1 spent and for referring friends


Redeem your points for coupons and discounts on your favorite items!

Ways to earn

  • 5 points

    for every $1 spent

  • 200 points

    for signing up

  • 100 points

    on your birthday

  • 100 points

    for liking on FB

  • 100 points

    for following on IG

  • 25 points

    for sharing on FB

Lion Points Loyalty Program

Stash your points and redeem for discounts on future orders!

Redeeming your points is simple. Once you’ve stashed at least 500 points you can begin turning your points into rewards!

Don’t Let Your Points Expire!
Your points remain valid 1 year after your most recent purchase. Using your account regularly will keep your points active. If you do not make another purchase* within 1 year your point balance will be reset to 0.
* Note that only purchases with an order value will keep your account active. Points will not be earned on free pattern downloads.

Rewards FAQ’s

Can I Join Lion Points?
Anyone is eligible to sign up! Simply create an account to start earning.
Limited to 1 account per customer. Points cannot be transferred between accounts.
* The 200 point bonus for joining the program is only available for new accounts. For existing accounts, the bonus will be greyed out.

How can I redeem Lion Points?
Lion Points can be converted to vouchers starting at 500 points for a $5 off voucher. When you select to redeem a voucher offer you will be given a code to use at checkout.
* Note that you must use the full voucher value in the same order. For example, if you have a $20 voucher and your order only comes to $15 you must add an additional $5 to your order to use the voucher.

How do I check my points balance?
Sign in to your Lion Points account and your points balance will be visible at the top of your account page.

Can I use Lion Points and an eGift Card at the same time?
Yes. Lion Points vouchers can be combined with eGift cards.

Can I use a Lion Points voucher and a discount coupon code at the same time?
Unfortunately no, you are unable to use both Lion Points vouchers and discount codes at the same time.

What happens if my order is cancelled or refunded?
Any points that were earned as a result of the canceled order will be deducted from your account balance.

I returned a purchase made with a reward voucher, will I get my points or voucher back?
Unfortunately no, if you used a voucher to place an order and then return it your points and the code used are considered forfeited.

Why have my points gone down?
If you have recently cancelled a purchase or made a return this could affect your balance.

Where are my points for completing actions?
If you recently completed an action (sharing on Facebook or liking our Instagram account) sometimes your account can take a little longer to be updated, however, if you don't see your points within 3-5 days get in touch with us.

Do my Lion Points expire?
As long as your account remains active you can collect points over time and they will not expire. However, accounts that have not made a purchase for a year or more are considered inactive and will have their points deducted and the balance will be set to zero. Make a purchase at least once every 12 months to keep your points active!

Will my reward voucher expire?
Once you have redeemed your points for a reward voucher your code will remain active for 6 months. After 6 months the voucher will expire. You will not be able to regain these lost points.

Can I get points for any orders I placed before I signed up for Lion Points?
No, points can only be collected after your account was created.

Can I get points for registering my birthday?
Yes, however, your birthday must be added 30 days or more before the actual date in order for you to be automatically awarded the birthday points.

How do I get points for leaving a review?
Currently, reviews can only be left by verified buyers. After making a purchase, a review request containing the products you ordered will be emailed to you approximately three weeks after your order is shipped. The links within that email will allow you to submit a review for each product you purchased and earn 200 points per review. We currently limit these earnings to 800 points (4 reviews) every 30 days.

What If I Live Outside the US?
Lion Points are available to a to everyone! Points will be awarded based on USD.

Can I get points for purchases made in stores or at the Lion Brand Outlet?
Unfortunately no, our Lion Points loyalty program is for online orders made through only.

Can Lion Points coupons only be used on full-priced merchandise?
Lion Points coupons can be used on all merchandise. As our checkout only accepts a single coupon code, Lion Points coupons cannot be combined with any promotion that requires a coupon code. Lion Points coupons also cannot be used whenever an incompatibility is stated during certain promotions (such as BOGO, x for $, B2G1, etc). Entering it at checkout is the best way to tell if your coupon is eligible.