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Color of the Year for April: Persimmon

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Color of the Year for April: Persimmon

Persimmon is a fruit with mystery. It’s rich, and velvety; sweet when it’s ripe, but acerbic and gritty if you pick it too early. It’s a mysterious color, too. Warm and rosy for an orange, with undertones of yellow that keep it from being truly red. Persimmon is one of the strongest warm tones of our 2018 Colors of the Year palette, and its ambiguity makes it a perfect transitional color for April. Soft enough for spring, bright enough for coming summer.¬†Read on for the full list of our Persimmon yarns, and the patterns and kits to add a zest of Persimmon to your life.

In April, Persimmon.


Experience Persimmon

When we began our quest for a Color of the Year, we thought we’d pick just one. And when we had only one in mind, Persimmon was a top contender. As we walked the city streets of New York, we were seeing bursts of this color everywhere. Because of its tonal ambiguity, it picks up the undertones of other colors you’re wearing. Since it ‘goes’ with nothing, it’s perfect with everything. Perhaps it’s because, as crafters, we’re so invested in the time we put into making things – this appreciation of process enables us to truly value experiences. Why work up another neutral gray scarf when you can express yourself with the experience of a happy persimmon shawl draped around your neck?

Key Words: Vibrant, Quirky, Unexpected

Ripe for April

Because the weather is warming, we’re offering warmer and more saturated tones into our 2018 palette. If you’re color-shy, you could try just a hint of flavor with a self-striping yarn like Landscapes in our Hip Slouch Hat (Knit) (pictured above). Persimmon is a bold color to introduce to your end-of-winter wardrobe, but what better way to welcome spring? Regardless of the weather, you can celebrate the spring-ier months unequivocally with this orange-y, rosy, reddish hue.

Our Most Persimmon-y Yarns



Persimmon: Patterns

Amarillo Pullover (Crochet)

Our new Amarillo Pullover (Crochet) is one of those perfect layers for spring. Style it over a tank or a longer-sleeve, depending on the day. The open stitch keeps persimmon from being too overwhelming, no matter your coloring.

Counterpoint Top (Crochet)

This crochet top is a 24/7 Cotton project, for lighter-weight garments. Our crafters have given this yarn solid 5-star reviews, so it’s time to pick up a skein, if you haven’t! You’ll need four to complete the Counterpoint Top (Crochet), which is a Level 3 Intermediate project. You’ll be wearing this topper all the way into summer.

Clementine Pullover (Knit)


Clementine Pullover (Knit)

Our Clementine Pullover (Knit) is a celebration of persimmon! Cast on Pumpkin New Basic 175, and in six skeins, you’ll have this extra-long sweater. Don’t let the details deceive you – this pattern is a Level 2 Easy (Beginner +) project. This is sure to be a new ‘wow’ look in your wardrobe.

Hip Slouch Hat (Knit)

The Hip Slouch Hat (Knit) is a wonderful one-skein project. It’s the perfect way to add a little zest to your look.

Persimmon: Kits

All-Over Color

If you’re looking to rock all-over persimmon-y color, check out these crochet kits by Hopeful Honey! Her Cinnamon Roll Pullover Sweater (Crochet Kit) wowed crafter Carolyn, who gave it five stars. She writes: “The yarn is soft and beautiful to work with. It glides through your hands with ease. I have no doubt the finished product will be beautiful and well worth the work.” Hopeful Honey also designed the Whispering Birch Bohemian Vest (Crochet Kit). This very open weave is perfect to throw over any look, even another sweater! The fringe adds a vintage vibe, so you’ll be ready for a throwback in this adorable vest.

Pops of Persimmon

If you’re feeling stripes, check out these kits in our self-striping yarns! The Adirondack Wrap (Crochet Kit) is made with Mandala, so you’ll get a full shawl for an affordable price. Mandala’s color changes are gentle, and perfectly accentuated in this pattern by One Dog Woof. The Swallowtail Cardigan (Crochet Kit) is also a Mandala project. Two of Wands designed this simple pattern, and you’ll love to throw it over any ensemble.

If color-blocking is calling your name, these wonderful toppers feature hints of persimmon. The Navajo Blanket Shrug (Crochet Kit) by Make & Do Crew is an adorable Intermediate project. With a few colors of Jeans, you’ll have a go-to shrug to wear all summer long. Two of Wands also created the Shades of Indigo Poncho (Crochet Kit), and we’re smitten with the panel of persimmon on the side, as well as the bobbles dotting the right shoulder! It’s another Jeans garment, and the feeling will have you reaching for it again and again.

Blankets in Persimmon

To add some persimmon to your home, you could craft one of these stylish throws. The Warm Welcome Blanket (Crochet Kit) features such a sweet rainbow, it’d be lovely in a sun room or for a nursery. It is made with Baby Soft, perfect for baby soft skin, and the textures will be stimulating for little hands. The Fireside Throw Blanket (Crochet Kit) offers a very different feel! Wool-Ease Thick & Quick makes this an excellent cozy throw for cooler spring evenings, and the Spice color is rich and elegant. For a comical blanket inspired by everyone’s favorite clown fish, Nemo, you’ll love the Orange Fish Blanket (Knit Kit). Nemo-lovers young and old will get a kick out of this perfectly-patterned project.

Accessorize It


Star Stitch Purse (Crochet Kit)

To add just a hint of persimmon to your everyday style, try an accessory! The Star Stitch Purse (Crochet Kit) by All About Ami has just a suggestion of orange for the purse strap. The body of the bag is neutral enough to pair with any outerwear, and the fun bright handles will pep up any outfit. 24/7 Cotton makes it easy to keep clean.

A Design Team Tip

“Another way to tone down your tone is using an open stitch and layering another color underneath it.” Check out our Amarillo Pullover, a perfect layering opportunity. Or let your sleeves peek out in our Counterpoint Top. There’s a way to wear any color, so style your persimmon pieces as boldly as you dare.

Written with Adina Klein, Creative Director at Lion Brand.

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