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Home : Community : Customer Gallery : Knitting saved my life

Customer Projects - Get Inspired

Would you like to share a project that you have made from our yarns or our patterns?   Hundreds of thousands of people who care about your favorite craft will see your work.  Any submissions, particularly original ones are welcome, as long as the project was made from Lion Brand Yarn. 

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Knitting saved my life
Created By: Kat Raco

In 2002, I had gone through being diagnosed with major depression, PTSD, and Borderline Personality Disorder. I was put on medication to help stabilize my mood and started therapy.
My husband was having an affair with a colleague of ours. I found out about it through our 10 year old daughter who had walked in on them in bed.
I filed for divorce, and in the process, was forced to move out of my family home that my grandparents built in 1940. I couldn't afford it on my own, so my ex husband bought my half out.
I was able to purchase a small home and a new car, and have a little money left over, but my identity was gone. I cried all the time, my work was suffering, I seriously contemplated suicide. I was stressed out all the time, I held so much anger and sadness inside me that I thought I would explode. One day, I was at my sister's house. I was sitting on the sofa, reading one of her fashion magazines, and there was an article about knitting and how it was becoming all the rage again.
I smiled, remembering how our grandmother had taught me to knit when I was 9 and wondered how easy it would be to pick up again. I went home, visited my LYS and came out with a set of size 8 bamboo needles and some gorgeous pink and purple wool yarn. I cast on, and after ripping out a few clumsy rows and stitches, I was on my way to making my first garter stitch scarf. My daughter laughed at me, saying I looked like a grandma, sitting there knitting, but I ignored it and bought more yarn. I found that when I was knitting a simple garter stitch scarf, my thoughts could wander and it was almost meditative. I could feel myself relax, almost melting under the warmth of the needles in my fingers and the emerging fabric that I was creating.
I got more daring and made ribbed scarves, striped scarves, and soon moved on to hats and learning to do cables. Having to count stitches and pay attention to a pattern took my negative thoughts and tossed them right out the window. Who has time to be stressed out when you're deciding which direction you want your cable to go?
I took a few classes and the next time my daughter had a friend over to spend the night, the friend asked me to show her how to knit. The next day, both girls were on the couch, eyebrows wrinkled in concentration as they worked on their first projects.
I take my knitting everywhere. I knit when I'm on my lunch break, I knit on weekends, I knit when I fly. I even took a 2nd part time job at my LYS to be able to be around other knitters, learn more about the craft and of course, get that great discount on yarn and needles!
One day, at work, I saw a book called "Knitting for Peace." I bought it, took it home and read it cover to cover. In it, I found a project called "Hugs for Homeless Animals." "Snuggles" (which are small security blankets) are knitted, crocheted or sewn for the shelter animals, giving them a bit of softness and a comfortable place to sleep in an otherwise scary environment. I fell in love with the idea and spoke to my son, who works for our Humane Society. He spoke to his boss and she loved the idea, so the Reno chapter of the Hugs For Homeless Animals project took off. I got my mom and stepfather to crochet and knit snuggles, and one of our local news stations interviewed me at the Humane Society, showing our snuggles and all the dogs and cats who seem to adore them. We've made dozens and dozens and dozens of snuggles for the animals.
I have a Yorkie and a Dalmatian that I love with all my heart, they're like my children, so knitting for animals seemed natural.
Knitting decreased my stress level almost immediately, and seeing the happiness on someone's face when I present them with a fancy hat or scarf, or seeing a puppy sleeping contentedly on one of my snuggles makes me know that I do in fact have a purpose in life, even if it's just giving someone or something a little bit of comfort.
I don't know that I'd be here if I hadn't discovered knitting. It truly has saved my life. I told my Doctor about it and she's started to recommend knitting to her patients who suffer with depression as well. God knew I needed help, and He sent it in the form of a skein of yarn and a set of bamboo needles...and I thank Him everyday for it.

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