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Customer Projects - Get Inspired

Would you like to share a project that you have made from our yarns or our patterns?   Hundreds of thousands of people who care about your favorite craft will see your work.  Any submissions, particularly original ones are welcome, as long as the project was made from Lion Brand Yarn. 

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Knitting Gave Me Back My Creativity
Created By: Colleen Davis

When I was ten years old I went with my family to visit my Granny, my father's adoptive mother, as we often did. But this visit was different. Instead of working in her lush garden, or cooking, Granny was doing something I'd never seen before...knitting. I was enthralled. I had slready taught myself a few basics of crochet, and I could make simple things, but knitting seemed very foreign and exciting. Granny saw my interest and offered to teach me. Our visit wasn't very long, but I did learn to cast on, and I learned the basic knit stitch. Unfortunately, knowing no one else who knit to ask questions of, I never learned more than what Granny taught me that day, and soon forgot all about knitting.

Over the years, however, my crocheting improved. I picked up new stitches, and got really fast at it. When I was in my twenties I crocheted baby blankets for both my nieces and even made an entire bedspread/pillow sham set for one of their beds. As I entered my late twenties two things changed. First, I was diagnosed with diabetes, and second I started having a lot of problems with my hands.

Since I was twelve years old I had had periods of time when my hands would go numb while I was asleep at night. The doctor that I saw when I was young said it was probably just the way I slept. But by the time I was in my late twenties, my hands were much worse. Sometimes I would get up in the morning and I would have no sensation whatsoever from my elbow to my fingertips! I told the doctor about it and he had me do a simple test where I press the backs of my hands together with the fingers pointing down, and he guaged how long it took to start losing the feeling in my fingers. It happened quickly, and the doctor said that probably meant that I had carpal tunnel syndrome. At the time, however, he felt that it was more important to focus on controlling my newly diagnosed diabetes, and he thought dealing with both things at once would be too much for me to handle.

For years I suffered, and continued to worsen while trying to adapt my life to the problem with my hands. Learning how to live with CPS meant slowly cutting down on activities that used repetitive movements of the wrists. After a couple of years I did have the proper tests and it was discovered that I have severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. By then I had already relegated my crocheting to a once in a while thing, and when I did crochet I had to stop so often that it took me forever to finish anything. One year I got ambitious and tried to make Christmas presents for my nieces...I got about half-way through the cutest hats when the pain in my wrists spread to the rest of my right arm. The doctor said I had severe tendonitis and put my right arm in a cast for the rest of December. Eventually, I had to stop crocheting altogether. I really missed the creative outlet, and my love of yarn and design.

Over the years, I had picked up knitting again a couple of times, but I didn't ever really get the hang of it. It seemed to me that it was more complicated than crochet, and I had a hard time finding the right tension. Then, in my early thirties, one day I just couldn't control my need to do something creative anymore. I decided the creative outlet would be worth the pain in my wrists, but I discovered something.

Although I still have to pace myself sometimes, knitting turned out to be much easier on my wrists. For starters, it uses both hands, so any stress it causes on my wrists is shared between both sides. Also, unlike crochet, knitting requires movement of the arms more than movement of the wrists. I am not constantly turning and twisting my wrists like I did with crochet.

Over the last couple of years I have become quite a prolific knitter. For some reason the knitting rules that I once thought were rather complicated now seem simple and obvious to me. I am knitting at an advanced level now, and even design my own stuffed animals, blankets, and garments. I love knitting! And I'm so grateful to have another outlet for my creativity. Knitting gave that back to me...and so much more.

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