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6 Faux Fur Patterns: Discover the Season’s Hottest Trend

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6 Faux Fur Patterns: Discover the Season’s Hottest Trend

If you look around at the winter accessories and knitwear in the stores right now, you’ll probably notice a lot of faux fur.  Faux fur is a big trend for this winter season, and lucky for you, you can knit or crochet the beautiful items you see in the stores. Faux fur designs are stylish, cozy and luxurious (and animal friendly!); below are some lovely patterns highlighting faux fur designs you’ll want to have for years to come.

Scarf Hood
Scarf Hood
Homespun, Fun Fur
Knit Vest with Fur Trim
Vanna’s Choice, Fun Fur
Fur Luxe Neck Warmer Cushy Fur Cowl
Knit Fur Luxe Neck Warmer
Wool Ease Thick & Quick, Fun Fur
Knit Cushy Fur Cowl
Fun Fur
Cushy Crochet Cowl Glamorous Furry Scarf
Cushy Crochet Cowl
Luxe Fur
Glamorous Furry Scarf
Vanna’s Glamour, Fun Fur

Faux fur yarn might look intimidating when wrapped in a skein, but it can work up into some beautiful pieces. I’ve actually knit a cowl in Wool Ease Chunky (Fisherman) and paired it with a Luxe Fur (Camel) trim and it’s super warm and cute! Will you be adding any faux fur to your pieces this winter?

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  • I have knit many scarves in the fun fur, but putting w/yarn is a great style!!  Thanks for the suggestions.
    Really appreciate some of the ideas I get from Lion Brand “extra blog” or comments, whatever you call
    it!!! LOL  I have used just about every yarn Lion Brand makes!!!  Suggestions always appreciated!!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  • Hi GreenEyes, thank you! We appreciate your positive feedback, I’m glad you enjoy our patterns and suggestions.  You’re right about pairing the fun fur with yarn, it’s a great idea for extra warmth!

  •  I’ve started crocheting & then ripped out a scarf in fun fur 3 times this month, hoping to have it finished as a gift for Xmas, but when it’s about 4-5 ” long, its shape changes & gets uneven, & has holes in some places so I have to crochet to bring the pieces together.  I’ve made 2 scarves before that went smoothly, & I thought I’d crocheted them, but is it possible I really knot them, & forgot?  The older scarves are very loose, & stitches can be seen when stretched, but this crochet job is tighter & heavier.  Would it be better to knit it, or try it on a round loom?

    Marilyn S.

  • I always use a regular yarn with the fun fir, it stabilizes it and makes it easier to work with.  You can use the same color, or a coordinating color.  

  • Thanks,  Susie:  I switched from crochet to knitting, & the scarf is coming along nicely.  I’ve learned a lesson about one of the differences between crochet & knitting – I had no idea crochet could be so thick & firm.  And if I ever want to make a different heavier item, I’ll try using another yarn with the fun fur.  Happy New Year.

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