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Behind The Scenes: The Making Of Yarn


Did you know that many of Lion Brand®'s yarns are American-made? Some of them -- Homespun®, Homespun® Thick and Quick®, Quickie, Country® and Spinnables -- are all related because they're all made in the same mill in New Hampshire. I've had the pleasure of seeing these yarns being created first hand - it's magical!

When I first walked into the mill, I could envision what it looked like 135 years ago - the same. Even though the mill is so old, it still works, making lots of yarn each day. To make it run, there are many employees from the town. That's one of the most wonderful things about the mill -- it supports hundreds of families!

I am so passionate about yarn and claim I have yarn for veins, so watching the whole process come to life was very exciting! I had the opportunity to see how the different colors come together to create a popular Homespun® color, Tudor, along with finding out how the dying process works. There were barrels of Quickie getting ready to be put into skeins. Near the Quickie were barrels of different colors of unspun yarn, used for Spinnables. It took a lot to hold myself from jumping in!

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  • Emily Katehis

    I always love seeing how yarn is made, it would be totally awesome if Lion Brand could post a video tour of the factory!

  • kristintahai

    Is it possible to tour the factory? I live in NH and would love to see!!

  • MissKitty1

    Can Lion Brand video the whole process of making yarn? I would like to see how they make the fur yarn. I use that yarn for my scarves.

  • http://www.parearau.weebly.com Dawn LaFountain

    I have wanted to do this for years! I agree with other comments here; Lion Brand should post a video tour! I live in the Midwest, but would definitely come for a tour at some point as well!

  • Jeanett Jeanett

    I don't know if I missed something here...but there was pretty much NO information in this article. "Behind the scenes-the making of yarn" was a misleading title, as there was NO information on, um, the MAKING OF YARN. And although we're super happy YOU learned how yarn is dyed...couldn't you have shared that with US? And how DO the different yarns come together to make the "Tudor" colorway?... How IS the "Quickie" put into skeins?...How ARE the barrels of un-spun yarn made into "Spinnables"?...the world may never know!!! We SURELY will never know!!!

  • Lady Griffith

    I agree--this article was lacking greatly in information!

  • Patricia Silinski

    I would love to know where the yarn factory is too I have family on the seacoast of NH and go to Dover and North Hampton to seee them. I live in NY hudson valley area and take the train to teh city for the store there

  • Deanie Winter

    Looks like freshly dyed yarn.. Very colorful.

  • Florida Knitter

    I believe the factory is in Manchester, NH in the old millyard where many of the sweater factories (Pandora, Waumbec Mills) were located back in the 50's. Many of the factories have been converted to unique condos. Located off from Canal Street alongside the Merrimack River. I love the idea that LionBrand is manufacturing some of their yarn in the US! It would be great if they had a factory store where you could buy the yarn right there.