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Sock-Ease™ Yarn

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Selected Colors

    • Sock-Ease - Grape Soda - 138

      Sock-Ease - Grape Soda - 138

      Royal purple

      $ In Stock
      10.49 $10.49
    • Sock-Ease - Snow Cone - 178

      Sock-Ease - Snow Cone - 178

      Teal blue

      $ In Stock
      10.49 $10.49
    • Sock-Ease - Toffee - 200

      Sock-Ease - Toffee - 200

      Deep gray with orange, yellow, and white

      $ In Stock
      10.49 $10.49
    • Sock-Ease - Rock Candy - 201

      Sock-Ease - Rock Candy - 201

      Light gray with dark gray, dusty purple, yellow, and white

      $ In Stock
      10.49 $10.49
    • Sock-Ease - Taffy - 202

      Sock-Ease - Taffy - 202

      Medium blue with orange and brown

      $ In Stock
      10.49 $10.49
    • Sock-Ease - Cotton Candy - 205

      Sock-Ease - Cotton Candy - 205

      Shades of pink, medium purple, and lime green

      $ In Stock
      10.49 $10.49

    Meet Sock-Ease™ Yarn!

    A traditional fingering-weight sock yarn designed to produce flowing color patterns in a sophisticated palette. Great for socks, scarves and other accessories, Sock-Ease is finished with aloe vera to soften your hands as you knit or crochet.


    Yarn Category Fashion

    Knit Patterns

    Crochet Patterns

    Yarn Weight 1 Superfine
    Crochet Gauge (4" x 4") 24 sc x 30 r on D-3 (3.25mm)
    Knit Gauge (4" x 4") 30 sts x 40 r on #2(2.75mm)
    Length (yd) 438
    Length (m) 400
    Weight (oz) 3.5
    Weight (g) 100
    Fiber Nylon, Wool
    Fiber Detail 75% Wool, 25% Nylon
    Care Machine Wash, Machine Dry
    Care Detail Machine wash. Initial water temperature should not exceed 40C or 105F. No bleach product may be used. A machine dryer may be regularly used at the hottest available temperature setting. Item may not be smoothed or finished with an iron.
    Sock-Ease™ Yarn

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    • More solid colours

      I'm old fashion and would like to see more solid colors, like black, charcoal, light grey, beige, and navy. Any chance we might see this soon?

      4/5/2019 By Helen

    • Needs more solid colors

      This is great yarn for knitting things for American Girl dolls but please do more solids so I can choose my own pattern! Bright purple doesn't really work for the historic dolls and blue and white gets old after awhile. :-) Black or charcoal, a good turkey red, a darker green--this would help everyone who needs solids!

      4/4/2019 By R

    • Nice yarn, not enough colors

      If this yarn had more traditional, old-fashioned, solid colors I would have given a 5-star rating. I have grandsons, not granddaughters. My grandsons don't like striped socks. I personally don't like striped socks unless I can be the one changing the stripe colors at a point I choose and in a color I choose. I have knitted and crocheted for over 50 years and don't like having someone else choosing what color combinations to use, at what frequency they might change, or that I can use only a multi-color yarn someone else has picked instead of the nice solid or tweed yarns I prefer because they have class, and don't look like they've been put together by a kindergartener. I am old-fashioned and proud of it!

      3/29/2019 By Deborah

    • Solid Colors

      I love the fact that you offer solid colors, I am an old fart and don't care for striped socks LOL! More solid colors least a soft peach! <3

      3/21/2019 By Barb

    • More Colors!

      I LOVE this sock yarn; it is one of my favorites in terms of color, feel and cost. Would love to see more colors, striping and patterned yarn.

      3/6/2019 By Paula

    • More Colors, Please!

      I love this yarn for making my husband house-socks. He loves this yarn. I'm so sad I discovered it after you discontinued so many fun colors. Please bring them back or add new ones! I make my husband a new set of socks every Christmas and it would be fun to have some other colors to mix things up. He isn't in the market for pink/purple/cream ... so every year it's taffy, toffee, and rock candy.

      12/17/2018 By Alice

    • Can we expect more colors?

      I knit all of my own socks and have been a huge fan of LB SockEase yarn for years. It is very durable and the quality is consistently good. The yarn wind is tight, and the stitches knit up with good definition and the gauge is easy to maintain and reliable no matter what color I am using. It’s very easy to work with. My only complaint is that the solid color selection has dwindled so I can no longer use SockEase yarn exclusively. I miss the Rootbeer color the most. Are there plans to add more solid colors to the lineup?

      6/18/2018 By Marc

    • Please More Colors

      Just love this yarn, but please, please add more colors and self patterns.

      5/29/2018 By Mary

    • Need More Color Choices

      I love Sock Ease because it's soft and durable through many wears and washes. I have used it to make lots of gift socks for friends and family. And, every trip to NY, I stop in and buy more. But, it would be great if you could offer additional color choices.

      5/3/2018 By Kara


      I just love sock ease! I tried other yarns, always got back to SOCK EASE. I wish there were more colors tho. Also you took some colors out of your assortment which are very much missed! Like that red did I make mixes with those! Everybody was stunned!

      1/15/2018 By Beth

    • Colors

      I've been knitting socks for 45+ years. This yarn is gratifying to work with and has been used to knit men's socks for cold winter wear at least 70% of the time for it holds up well. As to the color choices, i have knitted alternate rows with the same yarn in a different color and it blended well. Enjoy!

      10/10/2017 By sanne

    • More colors please

      I am a fan of Sock Ease. Nice hand, tight wind that resists splitting and has great stitch definition and good stretch. The ball sizes are extremely generous- it's nice to be able to get a pair out of one ball. The marshmallow color accepts dye fantastically well. It would be nice to see more colors- sock Knitting is coming back!

      6/2/2017 By Katherine

    • So Soft

      This yarn is so soft, and it has a wool-like feel that makes it very nice to work with. It stands up well to frogging, and so far I have not found any knots in the skein. The colors are beautiful, but I do wish it had more colors with longer color runs.

      3/4/2017 By Pat

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