Wool-Ease® Yarn

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Wool-Ease® is a 4-ply worsted-weight yarn that is so beloved by knitters and crocheters that it inspired an entire family of yarns. Wool-Ease® is appreciated for its versatility and value. It has the feel, warmth and softness of wool, combined with the easy care of machine wash-and-dryability.Its extensive color range makes it easy to design with and perfect for every project from socks to afghans.

Color: Cranberry [620-138] Deep, intense red
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Yarn Weight
4 Medium
Crochet Gauge (4in x 4in)
13.2 sc x 16 r on J-10 (6mm)
Knit Gauge (4in x 4in)
18 sts x 24 r on #8 (5mm)
Length (yd)
197 (162 in glitter, multi, prints, and frosts)
Length (m)
180 (146 in glitter, multi, prints, and frosts)
Weight (oz)
3 (2.5 in glitter, multi, prints, and frosts)
Weight (g)
85 (70 in glitter, multi, prints, and frosts)
Acrylic, Wool
Fiber Detail
Solids, Heather, and Twist: 80% Acrylic, 20% Wool
Sprinkles, Mushroom, and Rainbow Mist: 86% Acrylic, 10% Wool, 4% Other
Glitter/Multi: 78% Acrylic, 19% Wool, 3% Other
Frosts: 70% Acrylic, 20% Wool, 10% Polyamide
Prints: 80% Acrylic, 20% Wool

Only [Wheat - 402]: 86% Acrylic, 10% Wool, 4% Viscose

Metallic Colors #’s in the 300’s: 78% Acrylic, 19% Wool, 3% Polyester

Machine Wash, Machine Dry
Care Detail
Machine wash. Initial water temperature should not exceed 40C or 105F. Dry Clean, any solvent. No bleach product may be used. A machine dryer may be regularly used at the hottest available temperature setting. Item may not be smoothed or finished with an iron.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Babs Harris
Awesome! Works well for my charities.

I knit & crochet scarves, hats & blankets for servicemen and veterans as well as for the needy. The machine washable and dryable is a big plus! Wool-Ease does seem a bit rough for next to the skin article of clothing. I have ordered Feels Like Butta as it seems softer for that.

Laura MacPherson
Love that it can be washed!

So far so good, I am crocheting a granny cardigan. One sleeve pieced together will post photos of the finished cardigan.

Nice, but splitty

I was really excited to try Wool Ease - it seems like such a popular yarn, but I'm a little disappointed. The yarn strands separate really easily and working with it has been a little frustrating. There are little loose loops that I have to go back to correct, and undoing snagged stitches isn't ideal. (Is it just the skeins I have? Maybe I was sent an off batch..) With that said the color selection is great, the colors I choose are lovely, and I'll be curious to see how it holds up. Once I'm done working with it maybe I'll think the splitty yarn is worth it.

Check Dye Lots!

I gave this 2 stars because I do like the yarn, however I ordered 4 skeins of Cranberry to make a pair of Christmas stockings and they sent me three of one dye lot and 1 of another dye lot. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this, just grabbed the top skein and started crocheting my stocking, but when I ran out and had to attach the next skein to continue I found that they are not even close in color. I’ll attach a photo. I actually don’t even like the lighter shade but have 3 skeins of it now. Both are called Cranberry. Just upsetting because I was about 4 rows short of finishing the stocking and now have to start all over. You would think they would make sure all the dye lots match because if your using it for a project it has to match. I just can’t believe that there is this much variation in color, as you can see, it’s not even close.

Hello Stephanie - our apologies for the mixed dye lots in your order! Could you please email us at support@lionbrand.com with the color and dye lot numbers from each ball band? Our customer service team will help you get this sorted out.

Brenda Farrell
Warm as wool yet washable

This is my very favorite washable wool out there today. You can always count on it to be quality with never more than one knot, if any. It’s warm, yet washes beautifully and keeps its shape. Please don’t ever discontinue this yarn!!!

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