Crochet Kit - Winnie Hooded Vest

SKU: B70638

The Winnie Hooded Vest is worked in one piece using one simple seam to create the hood, and don’t forget the pockets!!! Winnie has a simple, yet classy edge that finishes it off just right! This light and airy design is perfect for a trip to the beach or the pool and perfect for spring or fall over a cozy long-sleeved shirt.

    Pattern Designer Information
    Hello Fellow Makers! I am Brianna, a Wife and the Maker Mama and Designer behind Life and Yarn! You can find me with my coffee in one hand and my hook in the other while chasing round my little guy! I am always dreaming up new designs and ways to contribute to this community in a meaningful and positive way! I love texture, exciting stitches and I am on a mission to bring you one of a kind crochet designs that can span across generations! Designs by Life and Yarn are modern, chic and perfect for everyone! Enjoy!!!
    Skill Level
    Level 2 - Easy (Beginner+)
    Project Type
    Yarn Used
    Pound of Love - 550
    Pattern Gauge
    6 Rows X 12 sts in dc is4” x 4”
    Pattern Size Options
    3X, XS/S/M/L
    Pattern Sizing Information
    Pattern is written for smallest size with changes for larger sizes in parentheses. When only one number is given, it applies to all sizes. To follow pattern more easily, circle all numbers pertaining to your size before beginning.
    Pattern Yarn Weight
    4 Medium
    Dimensions Detail

    Tot. Length: XS: 38.3"; S: 38.3"; M: 39.7"; L: 39.7"; XL: 42.3"; 2X: 42.3"; 3X: 43.7"

    Tot. Width: XS: 32"; S: 33.3"; M: 34.7"; L: 37.3"; XL: 38.7"; 2X: 41.3"; 3X: 44"

    Hood: XS: 14"; S: 14"; M: 14"; L: 14"; XL: 14"; 2X: 14"; 3X: 14"

    Back - Waist: XS: 24.3"; S: 24.3"; M: 25.7"; L: 25.7"; XL: 28.3"; 2X: 28.3"; 3X: 28.3"

    Cross Back: XS: 14.5"; S: 16"; M: 17.3"; L: 17.3"; XL: 18.7"; 2X: 18.7"; 3X: 18.7"

    Front Pan.: XS: 8.6"; S: 8.6"; M: 8.6"; L: 10"; XL: 10"; 2X: 11.3"; 3X: 12.7"

    Arm Hole: XS: 7"; S: 7"; M: 8"; L: 8"; XL: 9"; 2X: 9"; 3X: 10"

    Pattern Corrections
    Pattern Craft
    Made For
    Adult, Woman

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