Knit Trim: Points

Skill level: Easy

Each point is knitted separately and then joined into a single strip.

Method Put a slip knot on needle. 1st row (RS) Kfb. 2 sts. 2nd row Kfb, k 1. 3 sts. 3rd row Kfb, k 2. 4 sts. 4th row Kfb, k 3. 5 sts. Continue to increase one st at the beginning of every row until there are 11 sts. Break the yarn and leave sts on a spare needle. Make the required number of points without breaking the yarn after the last one. Next row K 11 sts of last point, with RS facing k each set of 11 sts in turn. Work 2 rows garter stitch. Bind off.

Click for explanation and illustration
k = knit st(s) = stitch(es)
Kfb = knit in front and back of stitch  

Trim directions reproduced by permission from 150 Knitted Trims by Leslie Stanfield, St. Martin's Griffin, 2007