Knit Trim: Loop Edge Fringe

Skill level: Easy 

Knotting tassels on a loop-edged braid is another way to make a decorative fringe. 

Cast on 4 sts. 
1st row (RS) Yo, k 2 tog, k 2. 
2nd row Slip 1, k 3. 
Repeat 1st and 2nd rows. 
Bind off. 
Cut 4 in (10 cm) lengths of yarn - two for each tassel. Double two strands. With wrong side facing, insert crochet hook in one edge loop and, hooking the fold of the strands, pull a loop through. Use the hook to pull the ends through the tassel loop. Pull the ends gently to tighten the knot.When all tassels are completed, trim the fringe. 

Click for explanation and illustration
k = knit yo = yarn over
k2tog = knit 2 together

Trim directions reproduced by permission from 
150 Knitted Trims by Leslie Stanfield, St. Martin's Griffin, 2007