Knit Sea Creature: Giant Squid

Giant Squid

Only recently captured on film for the first time, these animals grow to over 40 ft (12 m) in length. No one has ever captured a living specimen.

Yarn: Worsted weight yarn [Featured: Wool-Ease]
Needles: 3 double-pointed needles
Extras: Yarn needle, white yarn, black yarn


1st round: 
Cast on 3 sts.
2nd round: K all. (3 sts)
3rd round: K1, m1, k2. (4 sts)
4th round: M1, k4. (5 sts)
5th round: K2, m1, k3. (6 sts)
6th round: K6, m1. (7 sts)
7th round: K4, m1, k3. (8 sts)
8th round: M1, k8. (9 sts)
9th round: K8, m1, k1. (10 sts)
10th round: K5, m1, k5. (11 sts)
11th round: K1, m1, k10. (12 sts)
12th round: K all. (12 sts)
13th round: K5, k2tog, k5. (11 sts)
14th round: K2tog, k9. (10 sts)
15th round: K4, k2tog, k4. (9 sts)
16th round: K2tog, k7. (8 sts)
17th round: K all. (8 sts)
18th round: K all. (8 sts)
19th round: K all. (8 sts)
Bind off knitwise.

Long tentacles
Work 2, into last row of body, opposite one another.
1st-15th rounds: K I-cord, or until cord is 2 1/2 in (6 cm) long.
16th round: Kfb. (2 sts)
17th-21st rounds: K all, 5 rounds total. (2 sts)
Bind off knitwise.

Short tentacles
Work 6 into remaining stitches in last row of body.
1st-15th rounds: K I-cord, or until cord is 2 1/2 in (6 cm) long.

Making up
Use yarn needle to make two French knots for eyes with black yarn. Wrap white yarn around them, securing in place with a few stitches to finish

Directions reproduced with permission, from 75 Seashells, Fish, Coral & Colorful Marine Life to Knit & Crochet. Courtesy of St. Martin’s Press, 2012.

I-Cord k= knit
k2tog = knit two together Kfb = knit in front and back of st
M1 = make 1 p = purl
st(s) = stitch(es)