Knit Floral Block: Rose

This generic pattern can be used with whatever yarn and hook/needle size you prefer.


A classic old-fashioned rose requires a lot of shades of pink and green and plenty of fiddly color changing for a high-definition result. But the effort is worth it.



Yarn white (A), dark green (B), hot pink (C), raspberry (D), pale pink (E), faded pink (F), and mid green (G)

Equipment A pair of knitting needles

Using A, cast on 29 sts by the thumb method (see page 24).
Beginning with a k row, work in st-st from the chart, reading odd-numbered RS rows from right to left and even-numbered WS rows from left to right as indicated by row numbering on chart.
When 39th row has been completed, bind off knitwise.
To neaten the sides, RS facing and using A, pick up and k29 sts along one edge then bind off knitwise. Do the same along the second edge.  


Click for explanation and illustration

k = knit St st = Stockinette stitch
RS = right side WS = wrong side

Excerpted with permission from 75 Floral Blocks to Knit by Lesley Stanfield, St. Martin's Griffin, 2013