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Get Zen with Crochet Wraps and Blankets: A Round-Up by Moogly!

by Tamara Kelly of www.mooglyblog.com

There's something so soothing and meditative about crochet. The rhythm of the stitches, the motion of yarn and hook, it can be perfectly relaxing, leading you to that "zen" state of mind - a place many of us need to visit a little more often!

In fact, crocheting can be the ideal meditative activity for many - and the benefits are too many to list here! It can improve your emotional well-being, with less worry and stress, and greater self-esteem; it improves your physical health by relaxing your heart rate and reducing blood pressure; and it can improve your mental health too, boosting both memory and focus!
Of course, the crochet patterns we're talking about here aren't the ones that make you scratch your head and test your skills - they are for items like wraps and blankets, particularly those with simple stitch patterns. So with that in mind, here are 6 handpicked and free crochet patterns to help you relax and "get zen!"

Get Zen Graphic

1. Nettie's Super Simple Tube Wrap by Jessie at Home - Made with 2 strands of Heartland®, the color changes melt into each other to create a stunning gradient!

2. Penelope's Lacy Wrap by Simply Collectible Crochet - Within 2 to 3 hours, using just one skein of Amazing®, you’ll have something lovely for a Quick Christmas gift or Easter picnic!

3. Braided and Broken Wrap by Cre8tion Crochet - This oversize wrap combines simple stitches with a creative twist to make them pop. Created all with dc and chains only, in Heartland®!

4. Wind Chime Afghan by Lion Brand Yarn - Simple strips made with Vanna's Choice® are joined with a row of "lace" that's much simpler than it looks!

5. Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket by Beatrice Ryan Designs -  Pound of Love® and a fun two row repeat will put a smile on your face and brighten your day - and living room!

6. Weekend Weather Afghan by Moogly - With super bulky Lion Brand Color Clouds and an S hook, a unique and easy to make stitch, you can bliss out all weekend!
Now grab your favorite Lion Brand yarns, a comfy hook, and go enjoy the zen of crochet!

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