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5 Ways To Maximize Health Benefits of Knit & Crochet

It’s time for another addition of Yarn Work & Wellness! This month is Occupational Therapy Month. Contrary to the name, occupational therapy has little to do with one’s job. It’s a process focused on helping people who are struggling with physical, mental or emotional challenges fully participate in work, school, and social situations. According to…

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Get Started Crocheting with These 3 Videos

If this is your first time venturing into the yarniverse, welcome! If you’re a knitting looking to cross-over to crochet, we’re happy to have you. We here at Lion Brand work hard to create accessible videos to help crafters pick up a new hobby, develop their skills, and try new things. With these 3 videos,…

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The Princess and the Purl, A Yarn in Two Plies: Ply the Second

To Read Ply the First, click here. The violent storm that had flung the young woman and her knitting bag across the moat was no quieter the next day. Driving rain pelted buds from branches and drove green shoots back into the ground. Howling wind toppled the spire on the highest turret, and blew the…

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