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Heartland® Yarn

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Selected Colors

    • Heartland® - Saguaro - 176

      Heartland® - Saguaro - 176

      Frosted Mint Green

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Acadia - 98

      Heartland® - Acadia - 98

      Ivory and cream shades.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Glacier Bay - 105

      Heartland® - Glacier Bay - 105

      Denim blue and gray.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Olympic - 109

      Heartland® - Olympic - 109

      Blend of deep blue shades.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Redwood - 113

      Heartland® - Redwood - 113

      True and deep red blend.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Grand Canyon - 122

      Heartland® - Grand Canyon - 122

      Taupe and gray blend.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Mammoth Cave - 125

      Heartland® - Mammoth Cave - 125

      Taupe and dark brown blend.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Sequoia - 126

      Heartland® - Sequoia - 126

      Golden and chocolate browns.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Yosemite - 135

      Heartland® - Yosemite - 135

      Shades of rust.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Hot Springs - 147

      Heartland® - Hot Springs - 147

      Medium and royal purple blend.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Great Smoky Mountains - 149

      Heartland® - Great Smoky Mountains - 149

      Medium to charcoal grays.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Mount Rainier - 150

      Heartland® - Mount Rainier - 150

      Medium and light gray blend.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Black Canyon - 153

      Heartland® - Black Canyon - 153

      Shades of black to charcoal.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Yellowstone - 158

      Heartland® - Yellowstone - 158

      Rich gold and maize shades.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Joshua Tree - 174

      Heartland® - Joshua Tree - 174

      Medium to olive greens.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Kings Canyon - 180

      Heartland® - Kings Canyon - 180

      Emerald and forest green blend.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Isle Royale - 189

      Heartland® - Isle Royale - 189

      Purple with reds.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Mount Rainier Tweed - 350

      Heartland® - Mount Rainier Tweed - 350

      Medium and light gray blend with flecks of red, torquoise, and mustard

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Black Canyon Tweed - 353

      Heartland® - Black Canyon Tweed - 353

      Shades of black to charcoal with flecks ofred, torquoise, mustard, and green

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Lake Clark - 110

      Heartland® - Lake Clark - 110

      Deep navy blue.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Bryce Canyon - 130

      Heartland® - Bryce Canyon - 130

      Heathered warm brown and gold.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Cuyahoga Valley - 171

      Heartland® - Cuyahoga Valley - 171

      Heathered teal and turquoise green.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Biscayne - 195

      Heartland® - Biscayne - 195

      Vivid fuchsia pink.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Badlands - 148

      Heartland® - Badlands - 148

      Soft striped purple.

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Great Sand Dunes - 123

      Heartland® - Great Sand Dunes - 123

      Soft tan and ivory

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    • Heartland® - Pinnacles - 178

      Heartland® - Pinnacles - 178

      Soft light teal

      $ In Stock
      6.49 $6.49
    This sensationally soft, premium acrylic comes in heathered and tweedy shades inspired by the natural beauty of the American landscape. The subtle shades of this yarn suggest landmarks like the Redwood Forest, the Everglades, and Yosemite National Park. Heartland® is an easy-care yarn that is perfect for garments, afghans and accessories.



    Knit Patterns

    Crochet Patterns

    Yarn Weight 4 Medium
    Crochet Gauge (4" x 4") 12 sc x 15 r on J-10 (6mm)
    Knit Gauge (4" x 4") 16 sts x 22 r on #9 (5.5 mm)
    Length (yd) 251 (200 in prints)
    Length (m) 230 (183 in prints)
    Weight (oz) 5 (4 in prints)
    Weight (g) 142 (113 in prints)
    Fiber Acrylic
    Fiber Detail

    Solids: 100% Acrylic

    Tweeds: 94% Acrylic, 6% Rayon

    Care Machine Wash, Machine Dry
    Care Detail Items made from this yarn may be machine laundered only on the setting designed for gentle agitation and/or reduced time for delicate items. Any dry cleaning solvent other than trichloroethylene may be safely used. No bleach product may be used. A machine dryer may be regularly used at a maximum of Low Heat setting. Item may not be smoothed or finished with an iron.
    Heartland® Yarn

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    • Beautiful, subtle colors, soft, perfect weight.

      I bought this yarn to make a bag for someone who loves blues, aqua, and purple. I wasn't looking forward to making something garish! I bought some extra Heartland colors on a hunch that they'd be useful. I got eight in all and I used six (some very sparingly!). All the yarn colors exceeded my expectations - they are vibrant and subtle. The yarn was pleasingly soft while being able to hold its shape when worked fairly tightly. This was the perfect yarn for my project. I just ordered a full palette of colors for future projects, and I will probably order more. I want to mention that though "Katmai" looks plain and a little drab, it appears as light pearl grey or silver when combined with other Heartland colors, I hope Lion Brand will revive all the past colors, and/or add new ones. I'd love to have a light blue-violet, for instance. Thanks!

      4/24/2019 By Zeba

    • Heartland has my Heart

      I purchased a skein of Heartland Glacier Bay so I could teach myself Tunisian crochet. My sister saw the mess I had going and claimed it as her scarf. Even in a wadded up mess this yarns beauty shines through anyway. I did succeed and made the scarf she wanted. I love the colors and the quality of this yarn. The weight of this yarn is just right for every thing I want to make and drapes well. I have great plans for Heartland yarn. Please keep Heartland yarn in you line up.

      4/18/2019 By Stella

    • I miss Denali and Shenandoah

      This is my favorite yarn now. It's so soft, easy to knit and crochet with; I've made many sweaters and afghans with it. I really miss the nice pink colour Denali and the beautiful rich colour, Shenandoah. Hope you consider bringing it back.

      4/3/2019 By Debbie

    • LOVE

      LOVE LOVE this yarn my only problem is I can't find "Guadallupe Mountains" color anymore Has it been discontinued???????

      3/18/2019 By Colleen

    • Excellent yarn in every way

      This is currently my favorite yarn to use. It is soft yet sturdy. The colors are just beautiful. You can make something for a baby or an adult because it is such a nice and versatile yarn.

      11/20/2018 By Berlin

    • Love this yarn

      I've been crocheting for years and used many different types of yarn. I love the colors of this yarn and the way it works up into a project. Many other yarns fray or split easily while working with them. Not so with this yarn. Wish you would bring back Shanendoah though. I have a wonderful pattern that calls for it and I'm trying to find another color that will work as well. Thank you for a wonderful product!

      7/12/2018 By Patricia

    • Love it! But....

      I love working with Heartland yarn. I have been using it exclusively for some Hogwarts house scarves and my friends have all loved how soft and warm they feel and professional they look. Comments have been about how not scratchy it is and soft and warm it is. Unfortunately Lion Brand has discontinued the colour "Big Bend" which was the perfect bronze for the true to book Ravenclaw scarves and I've been left in the lurch and scrambling to find another yarn that is of a similar colour and can be used with the "Lake Clark" I have left.

      4/2/2018 By Morgan

    • Best yarn ever!

      I have used Heartland, LionBrand yarn since it first came out for sale. I LOVE THIS YARN! Beautiful colors and crochets and knits so well! I have made several hundred charity hats and shawls and blankets with this gorgeous yarn and I hope I can build my stash of colors for many years! Love you Lionbrand and thank you

      3/26/2018 By Patricia

    • beautiful yarns

      This Heartland yarn works up beautifully. I have used it for several projects.

      9/27/2017 By Jeanne

    • Heartland is the best

      I am using Heartland to make a kimono jacket and it is working up beautifully. I will buy Heartland again.

      8/17/2017 By Sandi

    • So soft and beautiful!

      I recently made a blanket with this yarn, and it came out fantastic! First off, the colors are just stunning! This has replaced my "permanent couch blanket" and has received so many compliments. Even my son, who never says anything about crochet, commented on how soft it is. Have already started a second blanket in this.

      3/15/2017 By Cheryl

    • I love this wool

      As a previous reviewer said this wool crochets up really soft. My fingers seem to be super sensitive to the harder yarns and this yarn has diminished that problem for me. It would be brilliant if there were bigger sized balls of this yarn though as I crochet blankets and it would be great to not have to buy so many balls and have so many joins in the blankets. But having said that I love how it feels and I am looking forward to having wonderful soft blankets for winter.

      2/23/2017 By Kimmy

    • Sequoia lace scarf

      I purchased the coco color Sequoia yarn to compliment my brown sweater and I created a lace pattern scarf. This soft yarn worked smoothly in my crochet and I enjoy the warm golden color flecks of this heather-look that are very subtle in the finished piece. Heartland's softness adds a cozy comfort and warmth against my skin and the lace pattern pops with the golden highlights. I'll be looking for other projects for this quality yarn. DCM 2017

      2/15/2017 By Diane

    • My favourite yarn

      I really love this yarn. I have made two baby blankets with it and was so happy with both. It crochets up so soft and squishy. We dont get all the colours in Australia unfortunately but have worked with what is available here at Spotlight.

      2/6/2017 By Sharon

    • Heartland

      This is one of my favorite yarns. So many beautiful colors and the yard works well for my crochet projects.

      12/28/2016 By Janie

    • Heartland Review

      Despite the whimsical name for the yarn colors this is a serious yarn. There are so many colors to chose from and no matter if I am crocheting or knitting it is easy to work with. The yarn feels good when working with it and the finished product looks great. The yarn never disappoints and is my go to yarn whenever possible.

      1/23/2016 By Tara

    • MRS

      Being in The last years of my life -93yrs I don't like change. I knew when ever I needed any ,for many years now, all I had to do was order from Lion Brand. The system worked very well for me. I wish you success with your plans. Sincerely Gretchen Nc Gillivray

      9/19/2015 By Nina

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