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Lion's Pride® Woolspun® Yarn

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Selected Colors

    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun® - Royal Blue - 109

      Heathered ultramarine blue

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun®: Coffee - 126

      Heathered coffee brown

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun® - Honey - 130

      Heathered golden yellow

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun®: Pumpkin - 132

      Heathered orange

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun® - Rust - 133

      Heathered rust red

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun®: Tomato - 134

      Heathered soft red

      $ In Stock

      5.99 $5.99

      5.09 $5.09

    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun® - Violet - 140

      Heathered vivid purple

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun® - Plum - 141

      Heathred warm purple

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun® - Orchid - 142

      Heathered fuschia pink

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun® - Avocado - 173

      Heathered chartreuse green

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun®: Mesa Print - 201

      Yellow, orange, brown, rust, khaki, and cream print

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun®: Forest Print - 202

      Green, navy, teal, chartreuse, brown, and white print

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun®: Quarry Print - 205

      Black, grey, brown, khaki, white, and cream print

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun®: Desert Sun Mix - 501

      Red, yellow, brown, and cream twist

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun®: Moss Mix - 502

      Teal, navy, olive, and chartreuse twist

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun®: Sea Mist Mix - 503

      Blue, grey, light blue, and black twist

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99
    • Lion's Pride® Woolspun®: Stone Mix - 505

      Black, grey, charcoal, and cream twist

      $ In Stock
      5.99 $5.99

    With an exquisite range of 37 neutrals, vivids, prints and mixes, Lion's Pride® Woolspun® will become your go-to yarn. It offers the triple crown of yarn benefits: it's machine washable and dryable, has the warmth and comfort of wool, and works up quickly. But, you'll discover the most unique quality of this yarn when you knit or crochet. The 12-ply construction means that garments drape beautifully and afghans and warm weather accessories have a cushiony soft bounce. Download the original Woolspun Catalog here! (6.38mb PDF)

    NEW! Download the Prints & Mixes e-catalog here! We've added 14 new colors to Lion's Pride® Woolspun® including mixes and self-striping prints. Our new Color Made Easy system matches prints, mixes, and coordinating solids to create exciting and effortless combinations! (36.9mb PDF)

    Yarn Category Classic

    Knit Patterns

    Crochet Patterns

    Fiber Acrylic, Wool
    Fiber Detail 80% Acrylic, 20% Wool
    Weight (g) 100 in solids (85 in prints)
    Weight (oz) 3.5 in solids (3 in prints)
    Length (yd) 127 in solids (108 in prints)
    Length (m) 116 in solids (95 in prints)
    Yarn Weight 5 Bulky
    Care Machine Wash, Machine Dry
    Care Detail Items made from this yarn may be laundered through the use of hottest available water, detergent or soap, agitation, and a machine designed for this purpose. A machine dryer may be regularly used at the hottest available temperature setting.
    Crochet Gauge (4" x 4") 11 sc x 13 r on K-10.5 (6.5 mm)
    Knit Gauge (4" x 4") 13 sts x 19 r on #10.5 (6.5 mm)
    Lion's Pride® Woolspun® Yarn

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    • Not worth all the five star reviews

      I purchased this yarn because of all the five star reviews. I find this yarn very frustrating to work with. The yarn has many tiny strands that separate as you work with it. I have had to rip out so many stitches because my hook snags only a few strands, or snags too darn many. Very frustrating and cuss worthy as you work. I do think its a pretty yarn, but not worth all the frustration.

      1/4/2018 By Doris

    • Excellent stitch definition

      I love this yarn for projects with complex stitches. The yarn doesn't felt, there's no 'halo', so your gorgeous cables and such stand out without getting fuzzy. Incredible stitch definition.

      7/5/2017 By Susan

    • Thick and Soft

      I made a queen sized afghan for my daughter, she loves it!! I am working on another for myself (my husband really wanted to keep the first one).

      12/28/2016 By Cheryl

    • Very Versatile

      I love using this yarn for sweaters, scarves, hats and ponchos. It's extremely soft and pliable. A great yarn at a reasonable price. Thank you Lion Brand for making this yarn!

      12/20/2016 By Sisi

    • JT

      This has to be one of my favourite yarns. I have made so many gifts for friends and family with it. I have even made hats for charity with it. I love it for hats and scarfs. If you're anything like me you probably usually find anything with wool in it makes you really itchy and you just can't touch it but with this yarn you would never know there's any wool in it at all. It's so soft and beautiful, This is a must buy.

      11/25/2016 By Jennifer

    • Soft and great for sweaters

      Love this bulky yarn for sweaters and cardigans. Soft and love all of the colors. ☺

      6/19/2016 By Rilana

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