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  1. Moonlit Tatting Shuttle With Hook

    $ In Stock

    3.25 $3.25

    2.28 $2.28

    Create gorgeous tatting handiwork using the Handy Hands Moonlit Tatting Shuttle With Hook. It is made of plastic and comes with a steel hook. Keep it handy in your sewing kit for tatting your favorite pieces. Available in a wide range of unique colors, the tatting shuttle makes for a wonderful gift for tatting enthusiasts. This package includes one tatting shuttle with a hook. More Details
  2. Brittany Cable Needle

    $ In Stock

    4.5 $4.50

    3.15 $3.15

    These beautiful wood needles and hooks are made in California of sustainably harvested domestic birch hardwood. The warmth and smoothness of hardwood nurtures sensitive fingers and provides natural strength and consistency for a lasting product. Enjoy the patina finish and elegant design. Finely crafted, hand finished and exactly sized. More Details
  3. Boye Project Labels (Sarcasm)

    $ In Stock

    4.89 $4.89

    3.42 $3.42

  4. Singer Tape Measure

    $ In Stock

    3.49 $3.49

    2.44 $2.44

  5. The Sock Ruler®

    $ In Stock

    11.99 $11.99

    8.39 $8.39

  6. Tape Measure

    $ In Stock

    12.75 $12.75

    8.93 $8.93

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