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#YarnBuzz: News From The Yarniverse

A Mammoth Undertaking

UK-based fiber artist Shauna Richardson will spend the next four months crocheting a lifesize polar bear to raise awareness for endangered wildlife. It’s part of her “crochetdermy” series, which she’s been working on for more than a decade.


The Fight For Crochet

UFC Fighter Maurice Greene has something to prove: that fighters aren’t just looking to fight all the time. In fact, in his spare time, the 6’7”, 270-pound man enjoys crocheting, filling orders for his “man-made” hats.


Wrestling with Gender Norms

An LA-based fiber artist Luis Flores crochets doppelgangers of himself in wrestling postures to demonstrate issues of machismo and femininity, a play on the influence of masculine culture in a medium traditionally attributed to women.


A Thousand Tiny Blessings

A Maryland grandma has crocheted more than 2000 hats for newborns at her local medical center. In a recent interview with Good Morning America, she said crocheting the hats is what keeps her going, and she was even able to meet two of the newborns who were given her hats on Valentine’s Day.


Viral Side Hustle

A University of Arizona aerospace engineering student has gone viral after tweeting a photo of himself modeling a crocheted crop top of his own creation in an attempt to build a side hustle.


The Thread to Tie it All Together

NBC has a new drama debuting this month! In the previews you can see a large crochet heart installation done by the talented London Kaye. One preview of “The Village” says that crocheted symbol will ultimately link all the main characters in the show.

Want to crochet your own heart? Grab London Kaye’s Big Heart kit to make your own! Big Heart Kit


Unforgettable Installation Planned

A UK hospital has launched an initiative to create an installation of knitted and crocheted forget-me-not flowers in order to raise awareness for dementia.


NBA All-Star Takes Up Crochet

In anticipation of the 2021 NBA All-Star weekend in Indianapolis, the Indiana Pacers have launched their “nothing but knit” campaign, encouraging local knitters and crocheters to make one of at least 5,000 beanies that can be given out to support staff during the event. The best part? Former NBA All-Star Larry Bird is joining in the fun, needles in hand.


Pullover, Piggy!

Leave it to the fiber arts community to jump on board to knit or crochet tiny sweaters for animals of all kinds as the need arises. When a UK veterinarian requested sweaters for guinea pigs to help the animals reacclimate to room temperature after being under general anesthetic, they didn’t expect to be bombarded by the tiny pullovers.


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