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#YarnBuzz: Gorillas Cannot Knit

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#YarnBuzz: Gorillas Cannot Knit

April Fools!

 image via Snopes

Snopes just wants to remind you that gorillas cannot knit.


Tiny Fashionista

 via @kyliejenner on Instagram

Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi, made headlines for her tiny Hermes bag, but we’ve got all the heart eyes over her adorable knitted onesie.


Problem Solving

 via @mariekevoorsluijs on Instagram

A Dutch woman found her teenage son wouldn’t snuggle with her anymore, so she knitted herself a new son.


Love Across the US

Fiber artist Olek unveiled a new crocheted mural in California as part of her “Love Across the USA” project, which will have her creating a new yarn mural in each state, depicting a female in history. Olek provides the design and the materials, and local volunteers do the crocheting.

 by Sherry Barkas for The Desert Sun

Inked Stitches

 via The Costa Rica News

Not strictly knitting: a new trend in the tattoo community is body ink designed to look like embroidery. We can’t wait to see how this trend evolves!


Heavy Metal Knitting?

 via Joona Kotilainen

We’re not fooling you: the Heavy Metal World Knitting Championships are slated to take place in July in Finland, a nation considered “the Promised Land of Heavy Metal Music” as well as one boasting a high number of knitters per capita.


Nerd Knits

 photo via KnitYak

First, she hacked a knitting machine. Now, Fabienne Serriere designs machine-knitted scarves designed to match code from the hardware of vintage computers.


Sea-ing is Believing

 via MyModernMet

MyModernMet features a collection of stunning yarn-crafted tapestries inspired by the ocean floor. They’re crafted exclusively from discarded industrial textile waste.


In Good Hands

 via Carolina Waterfowl Rescue on Facebook

Remember when we shared the wildlife refuge looking for handmade nests for adorable baby birds? The North Carolina center was flooded with thousands of nests after the story went viral, and now they’re using their newfound fame to educate people about what to do when they find abandoned fledglings.


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  • I’m pretty sure it’s not a matter of “Gorillas can’t knit” but more along the lines of “Nobody’s taught a gorilla to knit…YET!

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