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#YarnBuzz: Stories From The Yarniverse

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#YarnBuzz: Stories From The Yarniverse

Fancy Handiwork

Tween crochet sensation Jonah Larson has a larger-than-life fan. Harlem Globetrotter Dragon is a big fan of the young viral superstar, and dropped in for a surprise visit to his sixth grade classroom for a crochet lesson. Dragon returned the favor by showing off some fancy handiwork of his own, spinning a basketball atop the crochet hook at the end of the lesson.


Knitter of State

Madeleine Albright has tried her hand at yarn bombing, or something like that. A new yarn art installation, the Immigrant Yarn Project, just opened in San Francisco, featuring the work of nearly 600 immigrants, including a knitted American flag made by the former Secretary of State, who immigrated by way of Ellis Island in 1948.


Not Your Average Crochet Installation

Typically, larger-than-life examples of crochet on the street are the result of yarn bombing, but one muralist has decided to show off the intricacies of crocheted lace in another way: with paint. Polish artist NeSpoon decked out a wall in Delhi, India with intricate painted doilies on a bright red backdrop.


Crochet Trendsetters

One of the hottest trends for spring? Crochet, of course! Good Morning America showed off its top trends for the upcoming warmer months, including a beautiful crocheted dress.


A Display of Heart

By now, you may have seen the oversized red crochet heart in all the promotional materials for NBC’s new drama, The Village. What you may not have known, however, is the heart is actually on display in New York City!


Back to Its Roots

The Sak, that iconic crocheted “it bag” of the ‘90s, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and it’s bringing back a capsule collection of 18 bags hand crocheted by artisans in Bali.


A Suitable Knit

A New York knitter just took upcycled yarn to the next level with a suit made of plastic bags from her local grocery store. She even whittled her own knitting needles to get exactly the right size for the job. Color us impressed!


Nested Knits

Craftivists, unite! The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Group has called on knitters and crocheters to make tiny nests for their baby birds. Has there ever been a cuter project?


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  • Watching her knit with those hand whittled things looked painful, also I can’t imagine how heavy and sweaty that suit is. Half the time wearing a normal acrylic sweater has me sweating bullets. Excellent job nonetheless, got to give her that, it’s certainly one way to keep those bags out of the ocean.

  • Wow! Apocalypse clothes when you can’t get any soft fiber to run through your fingers

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