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Video: How to Arm Knit

Get the look of knitting without using needles. Using the simple technique of arm knitting, you can make a scarf in just half an hour!

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  • Madrina15

    Yes, when my father passed away I was so sad I started a knitting project and it helped me get over the greving process. this year I am crocheting dolls for homeless kids. I know that they are made with love and giving that makes me happy and fills me with joy something that is priceless and has changed my life for the better.

  • Madrina15

    I have also done the arm knitting project, my god daughter loves it

  • Esther


  • demelzabunny

    Fabulous! Love the long, loopy stitches. Can't wait to try this. Thanks so much for posting.

  • Pam

    Can you knit a scarf with one skein?

  • ZoeOB

    I've seen a few videos demonstrating this technique but they seem to go on forever. This one is very clear and the result looks like something you can actually wear. Thanks!

  • Whitney

    I have some of that yarn in the same color, I'm gonna make it today. Thanks!

  • MacNut8

    It's easier than we think! This is a great one to teach kids, or seniors who are otherwise immobile.... Mahalo for sharing!

  • PrincessLily

    I love this! But my skin does not appreciate wool yarn or fabric... So hopefully I can find a different kind of yarn that is just as thick.

  • Stacy

    Very cool and what a great tutorial! This technique will be a good companion to finger crocheting.

  • Catherine Edmends

    just wondering why when casting on the camera keeps cutting away at the worst times ?

  • Laura Davis

    I bet this was figured out through someone doing some cat's cradle techniques and accidently stumbling upon this. Either way, it's awesome!

  • Cait

    How many skeins did you use for the scarf in the video?

  • Loretta

    How long does the yarn need to be initially?

  • Gayle Gamron

    I can see this making an awesome hammock! On another note, someone mentioned that the camera kept cutting away during the cast on. I don't know how to do a long tail cast on, and not only did the camera cut away at the worst time she went too fast for me. Oh and one more thing... she had a flat panel of knitting and showed us how to cast off, the next view was of her with a circular scarf. She didn't show how to do that. I think I can figure it out but still.

  • Justine

    OMG, I love that! I can just see myself waiting at DMV and coming out with my new registration tags and a new scarf. This is such an awesome skill to possess! I cant wait to try it tonight!

  • BklynKaren

    When I followed the instructions in the video, all of my stitches ended up twisted. Is this intentional?

  • Kathy Watson

    this is so cool....wonder if there is any way to make sweaters this way?

  • Fran

    It would've been more helpful to me if the camera were behind her hands, so I could actually see the process the same way I'll do it (not facing her).

  • Cheri

    How do you make the yarn double strand and how is it fed if you are only using one skein?

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  • Donna

    I needed the casting on to be slowed down as i was trying to do it with the video. No can do. I am sure it is simpler than what has happened to me.

  • Maria

    ¡Esto es impresionante! ¡Voy a hacer esto para mi hermana!

  • artikebread

    Devin!!! You are the greatest thing since sliced bread! I love the look of your arm knitted cowl! So glad to see such a fine tutorial. You are a great spokesperson for Lion Brand!

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  • http://Milano.xincontriadulti.it/ XincontriAdulti.It

    Great videos.love your post!

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  • Shortfry98

    Can you use only one skeins?