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Ugly Christmas Sweaters: The inspo you’ve been waiting for!

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters: The inspo you’ve been waiting for!

‘Tis the season for Ugly Christmas Sweater parties at offices & homes around the country. This silly tradition has blossomed in the last few years. Numerous websites boast the ‘ugliest’ sweaters of all, with categories like ‘3D’ and ‘Naughty’. There’s also the inviting ‘Sweater Customizer’ so you can wear your heart on your sleeve (and everywhere else!). If you’re desperate for some ugly Christmas sweater inspo, we’ve rounded up some absurd options to inspire you this holiday season! While we’d hesitate to call any handmade project ‘ugly’, we’d definitely say ‘extra’. Are you dreaming of spending your white Christmas in the most extra Christmas sweater imaginable? Read on.

With visions of ugly Christmas sweater inspo dancing in your head.

This Reindeer Sweater will warm your heart.

Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

Reindeer Sweater from Ravelry

This velvet-antlered buddy looks like he’s been at the work holiday party about an hour too long. With his tongue out, his green bow drooping, and lights strung through his 3D antlers, it’s almost time for him to call it a night! To take this sweater to the next level, we’d recommend playing around with just how googly his eyeballs are, and which way he’s looking! Nothing like a cross-eyed reindeer to inspire confidence about Santa’s late-night ride.

Free pattern available here.

A full moon on Christmas Eve.

This next sweater might not be Rated-G for family events, but it’s sure to cause giggles around the workplace (please adhere to all your employer’s standards about knitted Santa butts!). This long sweater is aptly titled the ‘Christmas Cheeky Naughty Santa Bah Humbug Jumper’, and was cheekily designed by Blonde Moments on Ravelry. While the pattern isn’t free, you really can’t put a price on holiday joy.

Bah Humbug Ugly Christmas Sweater

By Blonde Moments, on Ravelry

Best wishes to this Santa as he braves a bit of frostbite for a holiday prank!

Some 3D Snowmen to fill you with cheer.

This jumper from Airali Design is fairly understated, as Christmas sweaters go, but we’d put a challenge out to our reader – the more snowmen, the merrier! We’re picturing row after row, each little snow-person decked out in the winter gear of their choice. No holds barred for this end-of-year extravaganza – top hats, feather boas, maybe little sweaters of their own! She suggests purchasing a plain sweater, so all the work will be in the crochet & free embroidery. As a bonus, these cute crocheted snowmen would make adorable ornaments & gift tags, too.

Snowmen Ugly Christmas Sweater

Snowmen Sweater on Ravelry

For the free pattern, click here.

If ‘A Christmas Story’ plays on loop in your house…

You’ll love this ready-to-wear option on Ugly Christmas Sweater’s website. If you’re in a pinch for time, it’s still available in a variety of sizes. You’ll just need a couple batteries to power up the iconic leg lamp. Speaking of, we’d love to offer you this bonus pattern, a hilarious crochet gift option for the classic movie buff!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Leg Lamp

Leg Lamp Ornament on Ravelry

Unlike the original leg lamp, which caused much familial strife, this one can be procured for free (pattern here!) and is small enough to go almost unnoticed when tucked into the tree.

For the Elf lovers out there.

Elf Ugly Christmas Sweater

Elf Sweater on Ravelry

This adorable elf is putting in overtime this holiday season. It’s a simple pullover sweater pattern, and the elf can be worked in intarsia or duplicate stitch. Embellish with jingle bells, flashing lights, whatever you’ve got around the house. The candy cane striped sleeves add a special sweetness to the look!

For infinite inspiration, check out the e-book this sweater is featured in!

And last but not least (though wee-est).

We cannot believe this tiny-est burst of holiday glee! If your name is Buddy the Elf, and you’ve been answering the phone with ‘What’s your favorite color?’ for all of December, you’ll adore this free Ravelry pattern by Kriste Bee.

Perfect for the elf-lover in your life, whether they are partial to Buddy or the ‘on the Shelf’ Elf himself.

Knit up some laughs!

While we know this isn’t our most serious of pattern posts, we do hope to have brightened your day with some truly hilarious holiday options to round out the year. Of course, if you cast any of these on, we’d be beyond delighted to see any pictures of what you whip up!

Wishing you happy holidays, & plenty of time to craft & laugh this season.

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