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Tips on Resizing Patterns & Understanding Common Pattern Terms

Each month in The Weekly Stitch, our e-newsletter, we're featuring hints and tips from our friend, knitting & crochet designer and author, Barbara Breiter. Below are excerpts from her latest two articles, useful for both knitters & crocheters. Interested in learning more? Click their titles to read them for yourself.

Making Sizing Changes to Scarves and Throws

You have a throw pattern with a beautiful stitch pattern, but you'd like to make it wider or narrower. Or perhaps you'd like to make it into a scarf. Maybe the converse is true…you'd like to change a scarf into a throw.

It's not as difficult as it may seem, even if you are a beginner!

There are two vital concepts that must be understood to accomplish this...

Understanding Common Pattern Terms

A pattern is a blueprint for a project. A well-written pattern doesn’t intentionally confuse you. If you find something confusing, keep in mind that sometimes the pattern is simply trying to convey information to help you. The term might be an industry standard, but one that you’ve never come across before.

Here are some terms and concepts, commonly used but also commonly confusing to many knitters and crocheters...

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