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This Truck Driver Loves His Knitting!

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This Truck Driver Loves His Knitting!

Kevin and Gretchen Abraham-Banks both drive trucks and both love to knit.  Gretchen taught her husband to knit on Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and now, she says, “I created a monster!.”

After we saw an article about a trend of truck drivers who knit during recessionary down times, we contacted them to find out more.  Gretchen sent us a number of photos of their knitting household, including two teenage sons.  They told us they really enjoy using Lion Brand yarns, especially because it is widely available and reasonably priced.  Kevin is shown in the photos knitting everything from afghans to socks on circulars, straights and double pointed needles.  Right now, his passion is sock knitting.

Do you know someone with down time? Why not teach him or her to knit or crochet?

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  • Good for this family. Good to see the male members doing yarn work. I read somewhere once that originally men did knitting or crocheting, I can’t remember which.

  • I think that is awesome!! I saw a couple guys crocheting for the very first time ever in my life over at Stiches West a couple of months ago and I thought that was pretty cool. Yay for males not afraid to get down with the awesome-ness of yarnwork! 🙂

  • I keep trying to get my husband to learn to knit but so far no luck. I’m not giving up though. My late husband used to cross-stitch and I bet he would have loved knitting. I think it’s great when men do needlework crafts. *smile*

  • That is the coolest thing! Good for him, it is a de-stressing activity that is productive.

  • Bravo for you both! Gretchen for teaching Kevin and Kevin for learning to knit. I think it is wonderful that you spend down time doing something creative. Would love to see more pictures.

  • Love it! It’s wonderful to see a husband and wife duo – just think of how “stress free” Kevin must be from knitting on the road.

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