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Thick & Quick: Now in Bonus Bundles!

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Thick & Quick: Now in Bonus Bundles!

T&Q: Now in Bonus Bundles!

These jumbo skeins are a reinvention of customer-favorite Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, but they’re made from 100% acrylic fiber, so it’s ideal for people with wool-sensitivity or wool allergies (if this is you, you might want to check out our latest blog post on yarns for wool allergies!). The weight is 6 Super Bulky, making it a great yarn for beginners. Thick & Quick is lovably chunky, soft to the touch, still works up super-fast – and now in bonus bundles!

How much are you getting in a bundle?

These big, bad skeins clock in at 12oz (340g), roughly double a standard skein. For larger projects, they’re a no-brainer. And with 223yd (204m) per skein, you’ll have fewer ends to weave in – so when you cast off, you’re that much closer to being done! For smaller projects, you can work the whole thing up in one bundle, or craft a gift set – a simple hat & mittens! Starting at just $9.99, we’ve aimed to give you the best price for all your biggest ideas.

2 Patterns to Kick Off Your Cast-On

For our knitters:

Now in Bonus Bundles

Cedar Hill Cowl (Knit)

The Cedar Hill Cowl is a a Level 1 – Beginner knit, and it’ll work up in just one bonus bundle. It’s a perfect example of a bonus bundle project, a big, beautiful piece made in one big skein. And you can see how the Thick & Quick really highlights the textures!

For our crafters with hooks in hand:

Now in Bonus Bundles

Puff Cowl (Crochet)

The Puff Cowl is only a Level 2 – Easy (Beginner+), but it looks so much fancier! For those who are sensitive to wool or allergic, or are crafting for someone who is, it’s important for fibers touching delicate skin (like the neck & throat) to be 100% acrylic or other non-wool material.

And… A Bonus!

Now in Bonus Bundles

Cacey Circle Afghan (Crochet)

In the spirit of a bonus bundle, we’re throwing in a bonus pattern! The Cacey Circle Afghan is a stylish crochet project, that works up in just five bundles.

One shopping basket, and you’ll be set to work in a circle ’til the cows come home!

Work it up!

What do you think of these fabulous bundles?

We’ll share more Thick & Quick bonus bundle patterns soon, so stay tuned.

Happy bundling!

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