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The Versatility of Yarn Painting

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The Versatility of Yarn Painting

Yarn painting is a fantastic way to craft with yarn without knitting or crocheting. Most famously practiced by the Huichol people of Mexico, yarn painting is a simple way to create beautiful art. All you have to do is adhere the yarn to a background surface. For my yarn art, I printed out Andy Warhol’s famous painting of Marilyn Monroe. To make the background a bit sturdier, I used cardstock instead of regular paper. Next, I cut strips of yarn and glued them one by one to my picture. The result is a fun little portrait where the yarn imitates paint strokes.

Marilyn Monroe

Yarn painting doesn’t just have to be portraits. You can mix colors to create an abstract piece, or you can make basic outlines to help children learn shapes. You can learn more about traditional yarn paintings by clicking here.

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  • i absolutely love this project!

    i am going to try this!

    thank you for sharing it!

    🙂 melissa

  • Good Morning!

    i had to write to show you my finished yarn painting!

    I had so much fun! Your post really inpired me.

    Have a super day!


  • What a creative idea it is.After going through this post i thinking to start a new project with a cartoon character

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