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Tea With Shira Episode #4 : Meet Adam Blumenthal!

You've met Mrs. Blumenthal, now meet another member of the Lion Brand family!

In this episode of Tea with Shira, our brand ambassador Shira Blumenthal sits down with her brother, Adam Blumenthal! Adam is Lion Brand's Director of Corporate Strategy.

Together, they chat about Adam's latest "22-ish minute" project -- made with an addi® loom -- and his favorite tea, a smokey brew called Lapsang.

::Can't see the video above? Watch it here: https://youtu.be/HwB2eeBusIo ::

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  • Tara Ember Williams

    SHIRA, instead of just posting a video, it would help if you actually posted the pattern for the stitch as well please. Thank you SHIRA.