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Step Into the Light and Sparkle with Glitter Eyelash!

Glitter Eyelash, one of our new yarns from the Martha Stewart Crafts Lion Brand collection is here, right on time for the holidays. Glitter Eyelash comes in 14 different colors which range from pastel tones, seen in Kunzite, Blue Topaz and Purple Sapphire, to bright and bold colors such as Tourmaline, Garnet and Orange Topaz. This novelty yarn is extremely versatile because it can be knit and crocheted into accessories and trims, and it can be crafted with just a bit of glue! Explore the possibilities below, click on the pictures for free patterns.

Glitter Eyelash
Lush Cowl (knit/crochet)
Glitter Eyelash Loom Knit Scarf
Glitter Eyelash
Loom Knit Scarf
Cowls and Scarves 

Glitter Eyelash can be knit, crocheted, or loom knitted into lovely fashion items, adding some shimmer to your favorite outfit.  This yarn is constructed so that it's not too scratchy or uncomfortable against the skin.  Pair a lush cowl or scarf with an all black outfit to make a bold entrance on your night out.

Glitter Eyelash Earmuffs
Glitter Eyelash Earmuffs
Glitter Edged Hat
Glitter Edged Knit Hat

Hats, etc

Glitter Eyelash is the perfect yarn to add as trims on accessories.  While the temperatures drop, stay stylish and warm by also pairing this novelty yarn with another Martha Stewart Crafts Lion Brand yarn.  The earmuffs and hat on the left were both constructed with Extra Soft Wool Blend in complimenting colors for additional warmth.


Glitter Eyelash Loopy Necklace
Glitter Eyelash
Loopy Necklace
Glitter Eyelash Wrapped Bangle Bracelet
Glitter Eyelash Wrapped
Bangle Bracelet

The great thing about this yarn is that it's unique qualities allow it to be a fun crafting yarn as well.  Create a necklace with Glitter Eyelash by wrapping strands together to hang from your neck. Try varying sizes such as double (necklace on the left) or even triple looped necklaces for different effects.  Bracelets can be crafted by wrapping the yarn around a circular form, mix and match some colors for fun!


Glitter Eyelash Wreath
Glitter Eyelash Wreath
Glitter Eyelash Napkin Rings
Glitter Eyelash Napkin Rings
Home Decor  

It's holiday season! Jazz up your home with Glitter Eyelash in various forms.  Glue and wrap yarn to form a wreath, craft some snowflakes, wrap the yarn around picture frames- there are tons of crafting possibilities.  It could even be used as a garland for a Christmas tree, since this yarn is available in 14 colors, there's a color to match almost any kind of theme (if your Christmas tree has a theme, mine usually does!).

Are you now inspired to add some sparkle to anything in your home or in your closet? What do you think would work out nicely in Glitter Eyelash? Share your thoughts with me.  If you've already used Glitter Eyelash, please upload a picture to our Customer Gallery and show off your talents!


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