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She may never buy from us but . . .

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She may never buy from us but . . .

It’s been one week since we launched the Lion Brand notebook and it’s been a real thrill reading all the comments. I especially liked the one from Laura, who wrote from Argentina. She said, “even though your yarns are not available in Argentina, I just want to thank you for all the interest(ing) things I find at your place. . . I can’t buy your products, but I love to see the patterns and all the tips you give us.”

You may wonder why I was so pleased at a comment from someone who can’t even buy our yarn. It’s because when Lion Brand can encourage someone to knit and crochet, I believe we have done something good. I am thankful for the fact that I am part of a business that helps make peoples’ lives better. Yarn provides people with a way to de-stress, a way to express themselves creatively with color and fiber, a way to share something handmade with others and so much more.

You may even be surprised to know that I work with my competitors (I like to refer to them as my friendly competitors) several times a year to come up with ways to promote and encourage crafting with yarn. I’m chairman of an organization called the Craft Yarn Council which, among other things, organizes the annual Knit Out, now held at the Mall of America in February.

Loving my work means loving the business I’m in as well as believing in our products.

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  • I’m also from Argentina!!! I’ve been looking at your website for quite some years now. And I did find some Lion Brand yarn in Escobar which is a town some 45 km from our Capital Federal. It was one of your fantasy yarns, one of those hairy ones. We now have very similar yarns to the ones you have but I would like to try the new bamboo yarns, they look very soft.
    Congratulations on your website!!!

  • I applaud your sentiments but am curious as to why your yarns are not available in Argentina. I can understand that her local yarn store may not stock them but shouldn’t they be available online? Or are there countries where import or shipping laws restrict the availability of some yarns?

    David says: Renae, thank you so much for your comment and what a thrill to know our web site is being seen by a yarn-lover in Argentina. The different and often complicated rules for product labeling and exporting to over 170 different countries in the world mean that we currently ship direct to only the U.S. and Canada. We do have distributors in other countries and if there is enough of a demand from a country, we try to find a distributor. If you would like to request that we sell in your country please write to

  • Hi,
    I have the same questions the above commenter. I live in Australia and Lion Brand is very hard to find here as well. I was very disappointed when I discovered your website and found you do not deliver to my country. It’s especially difficult to find cotton yarns here for some inexplicable reason, even though this is (mostly) a warm country. I think you’d certainly find a market for your Cotton Ease and other cotton yarns here. Please come to Australia!

    Zontee says: Hi Katie, the Knitting Loft, an Australian company, does carry a number of our yarns and ships all over the country.

  • i’m from malaysia and i obviously can’t buy your yarn. i have worked with cotton ease and liked it so much that i still have a few balls left and wondering how i can buy more to make something. i hope LBYC would open online sales internationally. Anna

    • Hi Anna, while we do have international shipping to many countries, at this time, Malaysia is not one of them. However, many online shops that carry our products (like or do ship internationally as well, and specifically to Malaysia. Hope that helps!

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