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Get Started Knitting with These 3 Videos

Perhaps you’re new to the yarniverse (welcome!). Or maybe you’ve always crocheted, but are interested in picking up some needles. If you’re casting on for the first time, we’re so glad you chose to get started knitting with Lion Brand! With these 3 videos, you’ll be knitting in no time. Scroll down to learn a…

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5 Myths about Acrylic Yarn: Busted!

When you’re crafting, what fibers are you most likely to reach for? Many crafters have strong feelings about the content of the fibers they choose. Sometimes, this is due to sensitivities or allergies (which can be the case with wool or wool blends), but it may also be a lifestyle choice (i.e. only natural materials).…

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Lion Brand Yarn’s Affiliate Marketing Program: A How-To Mini Course

Hey there friend! I’m Ashleigh, the crochet designer behind the Sewrella blog & I’m so happy to see you here. I share a lot of information about blogging (including my very own income reports, gasp!) at I’ve learned a lot along the way and I’ll share a bit of that with you here in…

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