Lion Brand Notebook ®

Our New London Kaye Window: Spring!

We are having a ball celebrating all things London Kaye these days. Especially her latest window design for our Manhattan Studio! If you’re close, or planning a visit to NYC, take a moment to bask in the brightness. This window sings ‘Spring!’ and has us feeling ready for warmer weather. Customers at our Manhattan Studio…

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Craft with All About Ami, Lion Brand Blogger

Chances are, you’ve admired a pattern by All About Ami, whose kits are featured on our website & in our Manhattan Studio. She visited our NYC home recently for our Blogger Bash, and it was such a pleasure to have her in our midst! We thought you might like to get to know her, too.…

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Color of the Year for March: Succulent

Succulent hails the first shoots of spring. It honors all things beginning to bloom! If you’re following our Colors of the Year trend-casting, you know this month marks a departure from softer winter tones. Our March hue welcomes warmer weather and new growth with a bold green tone that leaves no doubt as to what’s…

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