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Our Softest Yarn Yet – Feels Like Butta!

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Our Softest Yarn Yet – Feels Like Butta!

Meet Feels Like Butta! We’re thrilled to add this new yarn to our stash! Cast on the velvety feel of chenille, without the challenges. Colors range from perfect pastels for babies to high-fashion tones for adults. With 18 options, there’s a hue for every project! 100% Polyester, you can machine-wash & -dry for easy care. Each skein is 3.5oz (100g), and measures 218yd (199m). It’s a 4 Medium weight yarn, so while we’re offering a needle-full of patterns below, you can easily substitute to work up your favorites. Cast on this super-smooth yarn today!

Feels Like Butta

Mmm… Feels Like Butta!

Blogger 1DogWoof says: “My first reaction was just that it’s incredibly soft to touch. It’s reminiscent of chenille, but so much finer than what you’d normally expect chenille to be.”

Feels Like Butta in 18 Colors

If you’re a crafter who need to see color in person, you’re not alone! We’ve created our color cards just for you. Get your hands on a Feels Like Butta: Color Card, and see all these hues in person before you pick your favorite to craft with (this time around!).

Perfect Pastels

Make & Do Crew says: “I love how smooth, silky and fast it is to use!”

High-Fashion Hues

Mama in a Stitch says: “It is quite possibly the softest yarn I’ve ever felt!” She goes on, “Working with it was an absolute dream. I was worried that a chenille yarn might become fuzzy or fray, however it didn’t have either of these qualities. It was indeed a high quality, super soft yarn that was a pleasure to work with. It has an amazing drape and is more versatile than many yarns as it’s perfect for babies and adults. I can’t wait to make a blanket with it.”

Feels Like Butta: Patterns to Knit & Crochet

From blogger Sewrella: “The first thing I thought is… holy cow this is SOFT! And finally, a yarn that’s fuzzy like chenille but doesn’t shed! The way Butta is spun is probably my favorite thing about it – there’s such wonderful stitch definition, which isn’t usually the case with super soft fuzzy yarns. Basically, I want to live in a house made of Butta.”

Garments for Grown-Ups

These three lovely garments are featured in some of the Lion Brand Colors of the Year! We’ll keep you casting on in style, the whole calendar year. The Everyday Tunic (Knit) is a sleek vest, and could be worn alone, under a blazer or jacket, or over a long-sleeved tee. We love a piece that can work with many looks! And this one could become your new capsule-wardrobe favorite. The Pink Happens Cardigan (Knit) is worked in Feels Like Butta + Baby Soft Bouclé, for a blend of 4 Medium & 5 Bulky weight fibers. We love the Amarillo Pullover (Crochet) with its open weave. Since it’s a Level 2 – Easy (Beginner+) pattern, it’s accessible to even more beginner crocheters!

And for Baby

Well, if the Gowanus Baby Wrap Cardi (Knit) isn’t cuter than a bug’s ear, then we don’t know what’s what! You can worry a bit less about fit through the body, and any mom will be happy with a wrap – no uncomfortable pull over baby’s head. Plus, it’d be adorable in any of the Feels Like Butta colors. Our Calle Baby Afghan (Crochet) uses a bright & trendy palette of Feels Like Butta, which will stimulate baby’s senses when they’re swaddled in it.

& in case you craft for charity…

Above: Preemie Hat (Crochet & Knit), & the cute Preemie Hat with Ears (Knit)

Chances are, you’ve read about Little Hats Big Hearts, the charity crafting project associated with the American Heart Association. They ask crafters to make & donate red caps to February-born babies in need, to raise awareness for congenital heart defects. This year, crafters responded in record numbers – making over 200,000 caps, which is double the number donated last year! While they’re no longer accepting donations this year, you can always reach out to your local NICU and ask what their needs might be. If you’re crafting for the baby in your life, these little caps would be sweet in any color, and the 100% Polyester yarn makes for easy care & no possibility of sensitivity to the fiber.

Feel the Butta!

Two of Wands writes: “As soon as I got a sneak peek of Lion Brand’s new Feels Like Butta yarn at the LB Blogger Bash in January, I knew it would be a new fave and definitely the yarn I’d be using for my next project. […] I’ve not worked with another yarn quite like this one and I’m so excited to text it out with more designs.”

This is our new favorite feel of fiber, and we hope you’ll fall in love, too. With 18 crave-able colors, we can’t wait to cast on a little Feels Like Butta in all our best 4 Medium weight patterns. We’ll continue to develop more patterns for this fun new yarn, and we’ll keep you posted. If you’ve tried it already, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • When will your soft as butta yarn be in stores. Thank you

  • I understand this is a new product, but I’m disappointed in the lack of colors to choose from, i.e. only one shade of green. If you had another shade of green with maybe a close blue or yellow, I’d be all over these! But there’s just not enjoin to choose from to complete any project I’d like to start.

    • Hi, April – thank you for your feedback. This is about the number of colors we introduce, but it’s great to have feedback, so we know what to work on next! Hopefully more soon!

  • Can you make pompoms with this yarn without them shedding? I am also disappointed that there’s isn’t a royal purple or a. Fuschia color.

    • Thank you for your feedback, Donelda! Pompoms should work up well – the bloggers we work with who tested the yarn for us all commented about it didn’t shed at all. And thank you for your feedback about the colors – hopefully the palette will expand soon!

  • When will it be at Jo Anns? Thankyou.

  • Wold love to see more colors of this beautiful soft and cozy yarn!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

    • Hi, Joanne – thank you for your feedback! Hopefully we’ll expand the palette soon. 🙂


    • Hi, Kelly! In terms of what you’d expect from a chenille-feel, or from other chenille yarns you’ve tried, we think these will be notable differences!

  • Disappointed in the lack of true green colors. Blue green just isn’t working for me.

    • We’re sorry to hear that, Grace! Since it’s new, the palette may continue to expand, we’ll keep you posted.

  • Feels like butta, these would be great for the hats I make for the hospital.So, whats the going price?

    • Hi, Yvonne! Usually, $4.99, but right now it’s on sale for $3.99!

  • Could you please tell me where this yarn is manufactured – that’s important to me. Also, is it available for purchase in Canada and if so, where?

  • I bought some Feels Like Butta in Dusty Blue just to try it out. I am a spinner and I was intrigued by the chained construction of this yarn. It’s almost by definition a balanced yarn, so you don’t get stitches that lean to the side. I love the yarn construction, and the velvety feel of the polyester. It feels yummy! So far, I’ve knitted a sample with a reversible braided cable, and want to knit something for a great-grandchild that’s on the way. I’m thinking a cardigan, possibly with a hood, cables and a Celtic knot. I’m currently imagining about a dozen things I’d like to do with this for the baby.

    But I’m frustrated by the small number of colors available. The great-grandson will be a boy, so I’m really thinking about wanting some true-blue jeans-type shades that I’d like, and an off-white.

    I’m currently finishing up some WIPs while I try to decide what I’d like to make with the Feels Like Butta, but I’d like a wider selection of colors in the future. One thing I’m thinking about doing color-wise is using black with some pastel metallic yarns and maybe sparkly fur yarns to make some really stunning things. I’d like a faded denim shade with beige and off-white for colorwork, but more than anything, I’d love to see some heathered shades, more like your Heartland yarn. Some variegated colors would be great, too, and the same yarn in different weights. For instance, I’d love to make some mitts in a fingering or sport weight with matching mitts to pull over them.

    I love the way this feels and handles, without being unbalanced at all!

  • May i know this yarn is manufactured from which country? thanks

  • Leave A Comment