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My Life In Yarn: Rachelle Rapp

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My Life In Yarn: Rachelle Rapp

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Rachelle Rapp from Perrysburg, OH


What’s Your Favorite LBY Yarn:

It’s impossible to have just one favorite. The first bulky yarn I ever used was Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (specifically in Fisherman) and I have been hooked (pun always intended) ever since. I absolutely love Heartland (Cuyahoga Valley is drop-dead gorgeous) and Jeans, which is so incredibly soft!

What brought you to yarn (knitting/crochet)?

I started crocheting seriously about eight years ago. I was expecting my first daughter and wanted to make her a rainbow bear hat, but just kept going (and going!) after that. I only learned to knit about 3-4 years ago!

Do you remember who taught you how to knit/crochet?

I’m a self-taught crocheter; but as for knitting, I technically have Expression Fiber Arts’ YouTube channel to thank! I just couldn’t get the hang of it until I found her videos.

What is your favorite thing to make?

Hats. Definitely hats. They’re a quick make, but not too quick!

Do you have a favorite stitch/pattern?

My current obsession at the moment is the crochet alpine stitch. It looks fancier than it is! I love any combination of stitches that give me a ton of texture. My favorite knitting stitch is the herringbone stitch!

What’s the first project you finished?

I finished the rainbow bear hat mentioned above for my daughter! It wasn’t pretty, but I loved it!

Why are you a fan of LBY products?

High-quality products make it so easy to rely on LBY. They earned my trust at the very beginning and have never let me down, so there’s no questioning it!

Any other notable stories/experiences with yarn you’d like to share!

My life with yarn started out as a hobby, but has now grown into a small business. Looking back, I would have had no idea that fiber arts would turn out to be one of my biggest passions!

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