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Moderne Jacket Crochet-Along: Putting Together the Pieces

I have really enjoyed all the comments and questions many of you have posted during this CAL of the “Moderne Jacket” and although it is wonderful to hear that some of you have finished, I know that many of you (like me) have been “in pieces”! This week I finished the sleeves and made sure to keep the first sleeve I made close by for the second, to make sure the shaping and length turned out the same.

Luckily, they did turn out the same – although I had to keep track of my stitch count every row. I found myself writing down the number of stitches I should have at the end of a row, just in case I was called away from my jacket.

So, after I finished my back, fronts and two sleeves – I laid them out to see if they all would fit together and in the correct order:

Since this jacket is a raglan, I needed to sew the sleeves to the front and backs before I can work the collar. I wanted to make the seams as flat as possible, so with the right side facing me, I sewed the seams going through the edge of the stitches on each side. I thought I demonstrate with some red yarn to show you the path of my stitching:

The resulting seam was nice and flat which is good for a jacket made with a thick fabric. I also used stitch markers to hold my pieces together, so that one side wouldn’t be longer than the other. Then I was "on a roll" and I sewed up the sleeve and side seams the same way. I wove in ends and wow, a jacket!

It’s hard to believe that all that is left is the collar and the buttons! For the small size, I have to work 57 sc evenly around the neck, starting and ending 1 1/2” from each edge. I’ve already evenly spaced markers to divide the collar into 4 even sections – so I will work 14, 14, 14 and 15 stitches in these sections to get to my 57 stitches. I’m really getting anxious to see this on my little (5’9”) girl!

What about you? Tell us how you're project is coming along! Don't forget to share your photos either on our Flickr group (see the link below) or in the Lion Brand Customer Gallery.

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