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Listen While You Stitch – Our Favorite Podcasts

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Listen While You Stitch – Our Favorite Podcasts

Listen While You Stitch - 9 Podcasts We Love One of my biggest dilemmas as a knitter is that I can’t read while I knit — it’s devastating! The obvious solution would be a good audiobook, but I’m still pretty dedicated to owning real books, pages and all.

Here’s where a new wave of media comes in — podcasts. Like many before me, I initially thought podcasts were seemingly endless droning on ultra-serious topics. I was so wrong.

I’d overheard a few podcasts from my coworker’s desk when she listened to shows like Radiolab or Fresh Air, but didn’t give it too much interest. It wasn’t until she — perhaps as it happened to you — emailed me a link to a new true-crime podcast: Serial. I played armchair detective along with the rest of the country last fall and listened intently; in my office, on my way to and from work, and, oftentimes, while I knit.

Best of all, podcasts are free! You can stream them online or download them to your phone or listening device to listen to later. With thousands of podcasts available, you’ll always have an episode of something to listen to while you craft. It’s a great alternative to watching TV while you work — no looking up at the screen required!

When we here at Lion Brand® aren’t meeting about new patterns and yarns, some of us listen to music or podcasts while we work. I asked the team to share a few of their favorite podcasts, craft-related or not. Find our suggestions below!:

Crafting-related podcasts

The Yarniacs

At first listen, hosts Gayle and Sharlene might sound like people you know. With the natural banter of good friends, these ladies chat about all things yarncrafting. Their candor and openness about WIPs, and “stalking” out new projects is a refreshing look at how knitters and crocheters use sites like Ravelry to admire work and gain inspiration. Listen along as they seek out the perfect yarn for their next project!

Woolful – recommended by Sarah

Host Ashley Yousling is a knitter, but her podcast focuses on something all yarncrafters can relate to: Wool. Where it’s sourced from, how each spinner creates their yarns, and what they make with it are constant themes in her podcast. Woolful is regularly sponsored by local yarn shops around the country, making it a great resource for finding one-of-a-kind yarns near you!


Host Michelle is a teacher by day, and a self-proclaimed “World Class Knitter” by afternoon and evening.

Podcasts on Various Topics

99% Invisible – recommended by Sarah and Zoe

A look at design, architecture, and the “99% invisible activity that shapes our world.”

Freakonomics Radio – recommended by Ilana

From the team that brought you the book of the same name, this podcast delves into the economics of our world, the ‘hidden sides’ of social groups, and much more.

You Must Remember This… – recommended by Lorena

An oral history of Hollywood from its inception, host Karina Longworth shares fact, scandals, and history in various series.

The Outlander Podcast

A look at both the book series by Diana Gabaldon as well as the Starz series of the same name, this podcast is perfect for those who’ve been inspired to knit and crochet Claire’s 18th century fashions.

The Moth – recommended by Ilana

The art of compelling storytelling comes to life in this podcast, where true stories are shared in live events.

Mystery Show – recommended by Lorena and Sarah

Starlee Kine sets out to solve mysteries surrounding a lunchbox, a belt buckle, and the height of a well-known actor in this funny and engaging podcast.

Do you listen to audiobooks or podcasts while you knit or crochet? Have a favorite podcast you like to stream? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • I really enjoy Sawbones, which is co-hosted by a doctor and her comedian husband. They discuss historical attempts at explaining and curing diseases. It’s informative and hilarious, but sometimes not for the squeamish.

  • If you like to mix your knitting with hilarious and insightful discussion about romance novels I highly recommend the DBSA (Dear Bitches, Smart Authors) podcast. Two romance bloggers, Sarah & Jane, discuss what they’re reading, chat with romance readers around the world and interview authors and other professionals. Fair warning – you will end up buying/borrowing many many many more books because of this!

  • I started using OverDrive this summer with my libraries online digital catalogue. I love my favorite authors in print and since I’ve given them voices of my own I can’t stand the audio versions! But I found myself a new interesting murder/romance series by Linda Castillo. It follows Police Chief Kate Burkholder in Ohio’s Amish country and Kate is formerly Amish.

    • I found this series this winter, hope that there will bee a new one soon. My knitting listening at the moment is Ken Follett ‘ s third book , The Edge of the Earth. I can probably knit an afghan in the time it will take to finish it!!

  • I think that they are forgetting the strangest of all podcasts, Welcome To Night Vale!
    Formatted like a small town’s radio program, our host, Cecil guides us through the strange going on’s in Night Vale. From the Mysterious Glow-Cloud, to the Hooded figures, to the new, PERFECT scientist in town, Cecil’s glossy, deep intoning makes even the strangest of phenomena sound harmless. It’s my personal go-to for knitting time!

    • I need to catch up! I’m behind by about a scarf’s worth of episodes 🙂

  • Like Olivia, I have been listening to Overdrive. All you need is your library card ID, and you’re in! I’ve discovered wonderful authors, such as Kate Atkinson and Yossi Adler Olson. I gotta say, I’m as addicted to Overdrive as I am to knitting…

  • I really enjoyed the first few years of Kelley Petkun’s podcast from Knit Picks.
    For the Christians among your readers, there’s Chris Rosebrough’s Fighting for the Faith.

  • The Satelite Sisters are my current favorite. The five Dolan Sisters discuss all sorts of topics with humor. Very fun and informative.

  • Curious Handmade is a great little podcast which won best UK Games and Hobbies podcast this year. Helen talks about what she is currently knitting or sewing, discusses new yarns, interviews designers and makers and instructors.

  • I also love Citizen Radio for irreverent, smart, and funny commentary on current political issues and cats.

  • A podcast that I really liked and miss very much was YarnCraft here at the Lion Brand website. It was a terrific podcast and I sure wish that you would consider bringing it back

  • I too am crazy addicted to Overdrive but when knitting I especially love to listen to knitting podcasts. My faves: Knitting Pipeline, Curious Handmade, 2knitlitchicks and the brand new Stash/creative conversations. Others have come and gone from my list but these are perennial. Non-knitting? Don’t miss Spilled Milk, Gastropod, 99%invisible and A Way with Words. I too miss the good ol’ Yarncraft. When is it coming back?

  • You need The Twisted Stitches podcast, too!

  • My goodness, I can’t believe you didn’t include Craftlit. “For crafters who love books”- “stick a book in your ear.” Heather shows her years as a teacher- she gives information about the episode to enhance our understanding. For example, such as “archaic” phrases, definitions, societal implications. If it’s necessary, she will give that info first; otherwise it’s mostly at the end. At the very beginning, she discusses fiber art- mostly knitting, some crochet, some quilting. The current selection is Sense and Sensibility. All are books in the public domain.

  • My favorite podcasts are Criminal, which is stories and interviews about true crime, This American Life, The Truth, which is short stories in drama form, The Moth, and Stuff You Missed in History Class.

  • Awesome list. I also have a newish, creative podcast if you’d like to check it out. It’s called The Reyna Lay Designs Podcast and it’s on iTunes and other podcast apps. You can also check it out on my site:

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