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Lion Brand Wins a Flamie

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Lion Brand Wins a Flamie

On Monday, March 16, we got some exciting news — the Crochet Liberation Front announced the winners of its first annual Flamies. The CLF decided on several worthy nominations in each of approximately 20 categories, and around 4,000 votes were cast online after! Live on Getting Loopy — a great fiber-podcast — they announced the winners of the Flamies and honored Lion Brand as the Most-Crochet Friendly Yarn Company. I was happy to be on the podcast to accept the award.

Lion Brand is so grateful to all the crocheters out there, as well as the CLF!

The Crochet Liberation Front originated as a group on Ravelry and is now a website, blog, and podcast. The CLF is dedicated to the appreciation of crochet as its own entity, rather than the “kid sister of knitting”. The Flamies were devised to honor brands, designers, magazines, etc. that respect their mission of treating crochet equally.

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  • Congratulations!!

  • Awesome! Of course, crocheting and knitting are equal — at least to me!

  • Congratulations!! You definitely deserve this! I do both and have loved both your yarns and the company for years!

  • as someone who only crochets, I appreciate this great news all the more 😉

  • Congradulations–you deserve it–your yarns are awesome–I have been crocheting and knitting since I was in the 4th grade–I am now 56–and learning more than ever–keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

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