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Getting To Know Sutton Foster

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Getting To Know Sutton Foster

If you haven’t heard of Sutton Foster yet, than it’s time to get acquainted!

This beautifully talented lady does it all from acting, singing, and dancing, to crafting.

Sutton: The Actor

If you’ve caught an episode of the TV show Younger than you may know Sutton Foster as Liza Miller. In the pilot we meet her, a divorced middle aged mom struggling to get back into the work force taken over by a younger generation. You’ll have to watch the show to learn more! We don’t want to be giving out any spoilers!

Although Younger may have brought Sutton to the attention of many, her work goes far beyond.

Through her years as a performer Sutton has received dozens of awards and nominations for her talents as a dancer, singer and actor on screen and stage. There is no doubt about it, Ms. Foster is a talented lady!

Sutton: As A Mother

Sutton may have an impressive acting career (and things are looking good for the future with the announcement of her starring in The Music Man alongside Hugh Jackman!), but you can tell that above it all she loves being a mother.

Images from @suttonlenore on Instagram

Sutton is open about her journey to motherhood and the adoption of her daughter Emily. After having faced these struggles firsthand, she understands the importance to spread awareness and supporting other parents and families working through their own adoption journey.

Sutton: The Crocheter

We’re often somewhat surprised when we learn our favorite musicians or actors are crafters. Turns out they’re no different from us!

Soothing Stitches

As crafters we get it, knitting and crocheting is relaxing and a great way to calm mind and body. Sutton says she learned to knit as a child from a relative and then took up crochet later on. In a quote she states, “I think I have social anxiety, and it’s a healthy way to keep busy”.

Tying It Together

For Sutton, as for many of us, craft brings together other aspects of our worlds. Motherhood and acting are both present in her stitches. Follow her on Instagram (@Suttonlenore) and you will see shots of her crocheting behind the scenes at shoots and making projects for her daughter.

Last year Sutton posted these photos of her first original corner to corner crochet blanket. You can see her Instagram post HERE.

Sutton’s Picks With Lion Brand!

There are fun things to come! In the next few weeks keep an eye out for special selections picked by Sutton! She will be sharing her favorite yarns and projects.

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  • What are making it is beautiful. I love it I was if I could make what you making also you are beautiful in good way
    I was wondering we can keep n touch with each I live. In Lagrange park where do yo u live?
    I was wondering if you can send me the pattern you are making thank you Have Good Day can we be friends does that ok!

  • Like The blanket pattern on picture with Sutton….any chance of getting this pattern?Thanks

  • The links in the newsletter are no longer useful, since the web pages no longer display properly on my iPad. The graphics now cover the text of the articles. Your site is the only one that this happens on, but I have to assume I’m not the only iPad user affected by it. I get other fiber newsletters and can access all other websites without having display issues, so it isn’t critical to me whether or not the technical issue gets addressed, but had thought your company might not be aware of the problem.

  • I am interested in the pattern for the blanket Sutton is working on in th3 first picture while sitting in the director’s-chair.

  • The squares she is making look like the Willow Pattern which can be found in Jan Eastons 200 squares book. You might find it online as well somewhere like Ravelry. I bought the book because the square is so beautiful!

  • Lovely work on the delicate grannies. Very cute penguin and what a fun take on a C2C pattern.
    Crochet soothes (and feeds) the soul,l for anyone, anywhere. Thank you for sharing the spirit!

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