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Lion Brand and Project Knitwell Ask: Are You A Caregiver? How Knitting Can Help.

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Lion Brand and Project Knitwell Ask: Are You A Caregiver? How Knitting Can Help.

Are You A Caregiver? How Knitting Can Help.

The Comfort of Knitting is a unique how to knit book with a mission.  It is presented by Project Knitwell, a non-profit organization started by a mother who found knitting helped her relax and provided a distraction from her worries during countless hours spent in the hospital.  That mom, Carol Caparosa, was so moved by her experience, that she has devoted the last 11 years of her life to helping others discover the joy of knitting in times of stress.

Project Knitwell volunteers work in hospitals, in after-school programs for at-risk youth and with cancer support groups.  They supply the The Comfort of Knitting book, offer knitting instruction, and provide yarn, needles and patterns to patients, family members and health care providers.

Lion Brand®, working with Project Knitwell designed and produced The Comfort of Knitting.  It includes

  • How to knit instructions
  • 7 easy patterns
  • A  list of health benefits of knitting based on studies including alleviating eating disorders, delaying memory loss and decreasing stress.
  • A list of books about the therapeutic benefits of knitting
  • First person accounts of the effect of knitting on caregivers and patients

With a focus on caring for the caregiver, the book recognizes the unique stresses and feelings of isolation experienced by the scores of millions of people who take care of family members and patients every day.

Included in the book is the Three Strand Afghan pattern. Made with Hometown USA®, it’s an easy knit blanket that offers warmth and comfort to its receiver.

Knit Three Strand Afghan made with Hometown USA®

Lion Brand® has committed all of its proceeds from the book to Project Knitwell and to the Alzheimer’s Association, since caregivers for Alzheimer’s patients often face long term and unrecognized efforts.

Can you share a story of using knitting to help you deal with the stress of being a caregiver?

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  • My husband battled cancer for 2 years & was in the hospital that last year, more than he was at home. I crocheted (sorry not knit) at the doctors’ offices and while he was in the hospital, making things for the nurses. It kept my mind occupied and my hands busy, relieving the stress. It also made my husband happy that I was doing something to acknowledge the nurses who were taking such good care of him.

  • Several years ago my Dr suggested I take up a hobby as part of a long term pain management program. So I picked up some yarn and needles and started to knit again. Some days knitting literally gets me through the day. Being disabled, knitting allows me to feel useful and productive again.

    • I feel the same way. I’m not able to work any more because of my health. Knitting hats for the homeless makes me feel like I still have something to contribute to society.

  • Sorry for your loss Patti. Hope that you continue to receive comfort from your knitting…. znd thzt your mom continues to be comforted by the blanket you knit. Hearing your story inspires us at Project Knitwell to continue doing what we do…

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