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Learn to Knit with Imagine Yarn in 5 Easy Steps!

One Ball Twirly Scarf

Have you been admiring our beautiful Imagine yarn but can't wrap your mind around how to knit with it? Imagine's webbed tubing construction is what makes it unique but it can also seem tricky to work with at first. I've broken it down into five simple steps for you so you'll have the confidence to try it for yourself!

Click here to see the pattern for the project shown on the left!


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  • Joan

    This makes a beautiful scarf! Love Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, like to make scarves, and have them on hand, for special occasions. People appreciate them.

  • Tracy

    I must be daft. I still don't get it. Are you only putting one stitch at a time on the needles?

  • Miki M. Gain

    OOOH I get it. I thought I was looking at the completed scarf in picture 1. But that is the whole STRAND of yarn that you pull off the skein. You don't have to cast on with this stuff, just insert your needle in the "top" row of loopies in the fabric as if they had been cast on. Then you just knit top loopies into the ones you have picked up on your starting needle - rinse repeat.

  • Tracy

    I probably need a video or a live person next to me. It looks simple and fun, but I am just not getting it.

  • Jerry

    I don't knit. Is there a crochet pattern?

  • chris

    use a paper towel empty roll, to unwind this on to. this spreads it out. makes it easier to use as you go.

  • Elyse

    I love the look of this yarn/ribbon. (: I can't wait to use it!

  • Ginger

    so glad to see these instructions, my granddaughter and I looked at this yarn for the longest time and could not imagine how you would "cast on" stitches to work with it. Now will buy the yarn the next time I am near a Hobby Lobby (nearest one is 30 mi. away) and give it a try.

  • missysgirl

    so pretty

  • njgill

    I'm really disappointed that your marketing people were so un-"Imagine"-ative that they could not come up with a new and unique name for this yarn. I still have uite a bit of the old "Imagine" in my stash, and I doubt that I'm alone. Trying to have two or more types of yarn with the same name in my inventory is confusing enough when they are produced by different manufacturers, but it happens; however, I certainly won't be buying any of the "new" product as long as I have unused skeins of the one I started with.

  • miraclegal

    How do you deal with the rough ends?