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Learn to Crochet a Granny Square!

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Learn to Crochet a Granny Square!

grannies slide openerAfter crocheting what I was sure was the world’s longest crochet chain (it was at least 60 feet long, but far short of the world record) in fourth grade, I finally decided it might be time to learn another crochet technique. I sat with my grandmother that summer at the kitchen table in our shore house as she crocheted a baby pink granny square, walking me through each step. She fastened hers off without disconnecting, so I could practice on the same length of yarn. Once I got the hang of it, I went around and around on that same square, until each successive skein of pink, purple and white ran out, but I always left my grandmother’s square attached. It’s a wonderful memory of her to keep now.

Making granny squares is a great way to learn to crochet, or to try out a new technique. Today, I want to share my grandmother’s lesson to me from 15 years ago with all of you! Check out this step-by-step tutorial to create your first granny square in ten minutes or less.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, click here to check out over 100 free patterns for crocheting with granny squares, including all of the great patterns you’ve seen in the video above.

What was your first learn-to-crochet (or knit!) project?

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  • I am an intermediate crocheter and I find this video difficult to follow. The worst part is that the instructor is holding her thumb over the beginning ring, which would make it very hard for a beginner to see where the stitched are placed. She covers the ‘top of chain 3’ at the joining. She does this throughout, where she is attempting to demonstrate the pattern of the granny square. A comment was made on the Facebook posting concerning this, so I checked it out and I find, that if I didn’t have any experience, I would be lost. This instructor is holding the piece in such a was that the beginner cannot understand what she is doing or where to place the stitches. Either reposition the camera angle or instructor needs to reposition her thumb and middle finger.

  • I am a beginning crocheter and I found this video difficult to follow as well. If you are going to infer that it is “elementary”, perhaps you should make it more so in order for a beginner to follow along.

  • This will be nice, I am bookmarking this page. I am a crocheter. & A Knitter. I like crocheting better than knitting.

  • Thank you

  • I cannot get this!! frustrating!!!

  • I agree – she crochets waaay too fast for a beginner to follow !!

  • Please slow down in your videos!

  • Demasiado rápida la explicación y ejecución del tejido,difícil de seguir.

  • I agree with others who said this is a little fast. I will need to watch it a few times, but it is going to be helpful, thanks!

  • I’m an intermediate crocheter and this video is just what I needed. I was confused about the slip stitching to the next corner at the beginning of a row and this vid helped clear that up. Thank you.

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