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Learn How to Crochet a Slouchy Hat with One Ball of Yarn: Video Tutorial from the Crafty Gemini

The slouchy hat is a popular style of headwear loved by knitters, crocheters, and non-crafty types alike. Slouchy hats add style to your cold weather accessorizing and they’re great for protecting your hair from the harsh elements. If you want to learn how to make one of these highly sought after hats, we’ve got a treat for you!

Today’s tutorial is by Vanessa from the Crafty Gemini YouTube channel, and she’s going to show you how to crochet the Metropolitan Ave hat, one of our most popular slouch-style patterns. This easy-to-crochet hat is worked in one of our beautiful color changing yarns, Unique and because Unique is a bulky, category 5 yarn, the hat works up quickly -- you’ll be done in no time.

So get your supplies ready and check out the video below.

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  • Viv

    Can yoy use other yarn for this hat

  • kraftylady

    I love this idea and will make several for presents this year. Vanessa is a natural at teaching.

  • kraftylady

    Do you have a tutorial for crochet socks?

  • Smrrain

    Thank you! I make hats for the homeless and this pattern will be perfect for fast, thick and warm hats.

  • CeLisa Oliver

    Great, great video! I'm an avid crocheter and loved your details and description of the stitches in the video for the slouch hat. I'm making it for my daughter and sister - well a couple actually.

  • kraftylady

    I made the hat using Red Heart Love yarn and it turned out great. I didn't have Lions on hand and couldn't wait to do it. This is an awesome hat. Thank you.

  • Lin

    Sorry but the fast forwarding did not allow time to see a few time what you were doing. I am deaf and rely on visual. Thanks.

  • Linda Barnes

    This was the easiest hat I've ever made, and I've been crocheting for many, many years! Thank you. I used Unique for the first one, then a fun, fashion yarn (hot pink with blue) for the second.

  • Lynn

    I've always wanted to make a hat. I've only done blankets. Thanks so much for your tutorial. I have finally made my first hat. Your instructions made it very easy to follow.

  • Rodi Yo

    But this isn't a slouchy hat, it needs more rows, about 10 more.