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Knit a Quick & Easy Cat Hat!

Hey cat lovers! Cat-ify your winter look with this quick and easy cat hat! I made mine with one skein of Lion Brand Alpine Wool in Black Pepper. Start with Lion Brand's Camelot Hat and make the following changes:

  • To make the fabric sturdier instead of slouchy, I used size 9 knitting needles to get a gauge of 3.5 stitches per inch.
  • I used DPNS instead of a circular needle, so feel free to choose whatever you prefer!
  • I decided on a K1 P1 rib (instead of K2 P2) for my hat. You can do either. I knit 10 rows in the rib and then switched to stockinette for 30 more rows.
  • Try the hat on as you go - when you get to the size you want, transfer the stitches onto 2 needles and graft the top together with the kitchener stitch.

Once you have a finished hat, it's time to sew the ears. Flip the hat inside out and tuck in the two corners - this will create the cat ears. You might want to pin them first and test the fit, but once you are satisfied, sew a short seam in the middle of each ear. Weave in the ends or simply tuck them into the ear points. Flip your hat right side out and meow, you're ready to go!

Quick & Easy Cat Hat

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  • Loraine goring

    How many stitches to cast on ????

  • http://lizaeckert.wordpress.com Liza

    The pattern it's based on is linked in the text, and then she made the modifications specified.

  • Mary Alice Richert

    How do I buy this pattern?