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Introducing Keppi: our newest Lion Brand Yarn!

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Introducing Keppi: our newest Lion Brand Yarn!

If you love knitting or crocheting hats for children or just love seeing the bright-eyed look children have when giving them the latest “it” accessory, you’ll love our latest addition to Lion Brand.

Keppi is a our newest yarn; made up of bright pastels and candy-like colors, it’s the perfect yarn for a child’s or even an adult-sized Small hat. This yarn is not only multicolored but multitextured, made to look like you’ve used several different types and colors of yarn.

Keppi is just one continuous strand, no changing colors or yarn.

It comes in 8 fun, exciting, Hello Kitty cute colors like Rainbow Cupcake, Orange Fizz, Taffy, etc. Plus every ball of yarn is topped with a matching colored pompom, like the cherry on a sundae.

Whether you knit or crochet a hat for the kid who wants the new “it” accessory or a children’s charity project to bring a smile to someone’s face, using Keppi will be fun to make, fun to wear, and fun to touch!

Keppi in Cotton Candy Pink
Featuring Rose Garden (#302)
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Sparkle Crochet Hat
in Grape Jelly
Jazzy Knit Hat
in Cotton Candy Pink
Sparkle Knit Hat
in Rainbow Cupcake
Jazzy Crochet Hat
in Taffy
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  • Very cute… the colors and the whole idea!

  • love the colors what I can do with it

  • what a clever idea can’t wait to buy this yarn, love that it comes with matching pompom.

  • When is this due to come to Canada?

  • Keppi-Yiddish endearment for head

    Keppi hat yarn

    How cute!!

  • so cute….cannot wait to start using this!

  • how hard is this to crochet with? I’m loving the “taffy” color and the “grape jelly” These would be adorable for my daughter!!!

  • Absolutely the most amazing idea for hats. This yarn is calling my name!!

  • Can this be used on a knitting loom?

  • I recently bought 3 balls of this in different colors as I loved the colors but realized it was for crochet which I can not do…..can I knit with these and if so is there a pattern. Would appreciate some help please and thank you.

  • I bought a few of these right after Christmas at JoAnn fabric $3.99!

  • I have tried to buy this new yarn but the stores in my area do not as yet carry it. Any idea when it will be available in Wilmington North Carolina?

    • Keppi was in several stores in Jacksonville, NC before Christmas.

  • I am so disappointed in this yarn and I haven’t even begun to knit the hat. First, you have to rewind the yarn as it has the sparkle at the beginning (to entice the buyer?) and then, feeling the pompom, it is so very heavy to use as a pompom for a child’s hat. Unforthately I bought it in every color available as I found a sale at a Michael’s in Reno, NV when I was visiting my granddaughter. I certainly hope it knits up well now that I have the sparkle wound where it will be nice in the hat, not in the band.

    • I was very dissappointed in how these knit up. Leaving 60inches at the end to finish was not enough. I had to put elastic in the bands to tighten them up. Not a all impressed!!

      • I did not use the pattern suggested, used another and will not use the pompom provided on the pink as it looks terrible. Whoever suggested that mix of colors must have had a bad day. I made the band tighter and then added a few more stitches to the rest of the pattern, looks OK but will have to search my stash for some white fuzzy yarn to make a good looking pompom. Sorry I bought so much of this yarn.

  • I want to knit the keppi hat. The printing of the instructions are so small I cannot read them. Anyone has this in larger print for handicapped

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