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How to Make Your Own Easy, No-Mess Easter Basket Grass

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How to Make Your Own Easy, No-Mess Easter Basket Grass

Easter-Basket-HeaderMaking Easter basket grass yourself is a great idea; it’s a simple, fun activity you can do with kids, and helps get everyone into the holiday spirit with egg-hunt anticipation.

Making your own out of yarn secured inside the basket also means you’ll have a lush, great-looking basket and no more plastic grass all over your house or yard. This easy tutorial will show you how to create a festive Easter basket in any color.

What you’ll need:

To line the inside of the basket,  use paper and glue as a base for your fluffy lining. First, trace the bottom of the basket and cut it out so that it fits easily inside the basket. Cut a strip of paper that is as tall as the basket and long enough to cover the inside (you can trace it or use a tape measure). Once all the paper pieces are cut out, you’re ready to add your yarn!

Glue a long rope (for a fuller-looking basket) or  a single strand (for a roomy, egg-hunting basket) to the paper as shown. I used finger knitting to create the rope in this example, click here for our step-by-step post on learning to finger knit (a quick and easy craft that’s great to do with kids). You could also knit, crochet, or braid your yarn to form a nice, lush rope of grass.

Assembly Diagram for Easter Basket Lining

Glue the yarn close together, and you”ll hardly be able to see and paper underneath. Once the glue is dry, place the bottom piece inside the basket and slip the side covering into place. You can secure the paper in any way you like; glue, poster putty, rubber cement or rolls of tape can be good options depending on what your basket is made of.

Finished Basket with Easter Eggs

Congratulations, you’re all done!

You’ve just made a gorgeous custom Easter basket that won’t leave a trail of crunchy plastic grass behind. We filled this basket with crocheted eggs made with the free Amigurumi Easter Egg pattern on

Do you use yarn to decorate for the holidays? What are your favorite projects? Share your stories below and don’t forget to tell us how you made them!

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  • kitana loves easter

  • Great idea! My cat eats the plastic grass, so I don’t use it.

  • Just finished helping out the Easter Bunny! Finger knitted “grass” for grand-daughter Lily’s basket. I think it turned out real well. Didn’t glue it in, just tucked it around outer edges, etc. she can use it for a boa later when she plays dress-up. Of course I used a thread w/ multiple strands & little “nubs”, so I got confused a couple times. Fortunately, that type of thread sort of hides holes. LOL! I used a Lion brand Fancy Fur.

    • I have hated plastic grass for as I can remember. What a great solution!

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