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How to Determine Your "Season" Color Palette (Plus the Yarn Trends You'll Want to Take Advantage of)

When it comes to picking colors for a project, how it looks on you (or your gift recipient) is definitely important. The happier you (or your gift recipient) is with the color, the more likely you'll use the project!

But how do you know what colors will work for you? Here's an easy way of telling which "season" or color palette will suit you best:

Light Hair

Dark Hair

Cool Coloring

You have pink or blue undertones in your skin. Veins visible in your skin will appear blue.


If you're a summer, light natural shades that evoke a sense of serene will look good on you. Look for pastels and muted shades, as vivid shades can be too harsh.

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Pictured: Bonbons in Nature


Winters look best in rich colors, as well as high contrast black and white. Look for navy, deep reds, and jewel tones. Avoid beiges, golds, and browns, which might wash you out.

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Pictured: Bonbons in Celebrate

Warm Coloring

You have yellow or olive undertones in your skin. Veins visible in your skin will appear greenish.


Spring ladies (and gents!) will look good in sunny, clear shades. Look for rosy bright shades, as high contrast colors like black and white may be too stark.

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Pictured: Bonbons in Brights


Like autumn itself, those with fall coloring will look good in earthy, rich shades. Caramels and golds will be attractive on you. Look for colors with warmth, as cool shades can be unflattering.

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Pictured: Bonbons in Party

Once you know which color palette you are, you can start thinking about some of the great color trends we've talked about for this upcoming season. For instance, some of the softer shades in our Top 10 Colors for Fall like Rhapsody and Pink Smoke will look great on Springs. Others like Honey Gold, French Roast, and Tangerine Tango will be perfect for Falls. Pink Flambé and Bright Chartreuse are perfect for Springs, while Olympian Blue and Ultramarine Green are perfect for Winters.

We've also talked about the return of neon colors, which will look great on Winters.

Love our new shimmering shades in Vanna's Sequins and Wool-Ease Thick & Quick? You'll find lots of shades perfect for Falls, Winters, and Summers.

Love variegated yarns? The new colorways of Tweed Stripes feature some great blends for Springs and Summers.

What are your favorite colors to use? Leave a comment and let us know!

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