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Here's An Event You Won't Want To Miss


I'm not sure I can possibly convey the incredible phenomenon of Maker Faire but I will try because it's going to be coming to our home town, New York City, in September and is spreading to more cities around the country each year.

Maker Faire is a public festival that celebrates creativity with a focus on the do-it-yourself movement.  It is a one-of-a-kind "happening"  where you'll see people who have produced amazing demonstrations of art, craft, science, food, engineering and technology--including new ways to combine these disciplines in the most innovative ways.

What will you see there? At the San Mateo event there was a solar powered, walking electric man,  a 3D printer that can "print" a lamp, a fashion show that displays fashions with lights embedded in them and a sculpture that plays music.

Lion Brand has sponsored Maker Faire for 4 years now and we are thrilled to be in the company of a diverse group of sponsors that includes Yahoo, Lego, Chevy, Hewlett Packard and Whole Foods and Martha Stewart. At the event in San Mateo in May we featured life-size knitted animals and free knit and crochet instructions.

We'll be sharing more information about this family-friendly event as the time approaches.  In the meantime, go over to the website and get your tickets. I can promise you, this is one event you won't want to miss.

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