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Happy World Emoji Day!

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Happy World Emoji Day!


Pillowji pattern by All About Ami

July 17 is World Emoji Day. Why this date? It wasn’t chosen at random! July 17 is the day shown on the iOS calendar emoji!

Communicating With Emoji

Emojis have been an important part of digital communication. Where little smiley faces in emails and texts were once considered tacky and “eww weird” they have become common practice. Emoji creep up in virtually all correspondence except the most formal business emails. (And really, you know you sneak emoji in there when you’re emailing coworkers too.)

We use emoji to simply and quickly communicate our opinions online as well. For example, you’ve probably seen one of these pop up on the Lion Brand Facebook page.

lion brand

Rock the Emoji!

Kick back and celebrate the age of the emoji with the giant amigurumi pillowji from All About Ami. They are designed using Fast Track yarn for the main circular pillow and use DIYarn for the accents. The smile, kissy face, and wink are some classic favorites, but with a little tweaking you can make your favorite expression.


Honoring Emoji in NYC

If you happen to be in NYC on July 17, take a moment to look up in the direction of the Empire State Building. In 2012 an LED light system was installed making it capable for the building to change colors instantly. For World Emoji Day it will be illuminated in yellow in honor of those familiar faces we have all become so fond of.

empire state building

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