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Our Favorite Tutorials of 2016

We published a lot of tutorials last year, showing you how to do everything from knit cables to yarnbomb your earphones. It was super hard to choose from all of them, but we managed to pick out a few favorites.


Our Favorite Tutorials


Recreate Oprah's Favorite Knit Hat for Less

Oprah hat for less

When Oprah came out with her list of Favorite Things, we noticed a simple chunky-knit hat priced at $60. This tutorial showed you how to make a version for yourself, for a fraction of the cost using our category 6 yarns.

Learn French Knitting with our Easy Photo Tutorial!


This quick photo tutorial demonstrated how to use our French knitter to make a cord, which can then be woven into a scarf or used to make jewelry, like a charm bracelet.

How To Knit Basic Cable Stitches


Cables are a yarncraft staple -- everyone who knits should know how to do them. This tutorial walked you through an extremely basic version so you can fully understand the process and move on to making beautiful cabled pieces.

Get the Look for Less - Make a Jumbo Pom Pom Bag Charm!


Pompoms were huge all through 2016, and you still see them everywhere. If you don't want the faux-fur look, you can always follow our tutorial on making a pompom to adorn your purse, or any other accessory you choose.

How to Knit the Turkish Cast-On

In August, we posted a tutorial on the Turkish cast-on. This method allows you to create seamless pieces and is especially useful for toe-up socks, toys, gloves, and hoods.

Spice Up Your Headphones with This Mini Yarnbomb Craft!

Yarnbombing is a fun and creative art form, but the street art style isn't for everyone. If you want to get in on the craft without covering your town in yarn, this tutorial is a good way to do that. As an added bonus, the layer of crochet helps keep your cords from tangling.

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