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Our Favorite Hat for Ski Season (Or Just Really Cold Weather)

Much of the U.S. saw a huge influx of winter weather last week, which means it's the perfect time to make a gorgeous and cozy ski hat. If you're not a skier, don't worry, because there are plenty of reasons to wear the Sun Valley Hat!


Of course, the best reason to wear it is that it's a really cute hat. But the fact that it's January and thus way too cold to be hatless is a close second. Whatever the reason, this gorgeous and warm hat is a great choice for winter.

The Sun Valley Hat requires three skeins of Heartland® yarn -- two in the main color, and one in the accent. The sample uses Acadia as the main color and Sequoia as the secondary. It's made with a size J-10 (6.0 mm) hook, and is rated a level 5 (experienced) pattern.

Not a crocheter? There are several great knit hat patterns using Heartland® available in our database. This yarn is part of our Made in the USA line, which means starting tomorrow (January 13) and going through January 26, you can get it for 20% off (online only)!

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  • Deborah Hale

    I have a crochet pattern that is so warm I've made at least 3 of them for my daughter so far, and am in the process of making more for her co-workers because they work in a grocery store and part of the job includes stocking freezer items. My daughter says it's the only way her head and ears stay warm enough, because sometimes when stock comes in she and her co-workers can be stuck in the freezer for several hours putting everything away. As my daughter said, "Mom, I need you to make me a new hat so I won't get sick, I thought my ears would NEVER warm up yesterday. So I made her a hat, which she wore as soon as it was done. Then she had to tell everybody else, "This is MY hat. My mommy made it for ME, and NO, you can't borrow it. You can't even TOUCH it because MY mommy made it." So now I have to make more hats...

    It's a free pattern and very easy to make but since I don't know if Lion Brand will allow me to share the pattern, I will be happy to send a link to anyone that wants it.